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The 54-year-old, who is promoting his new film Larry Crowne, told ITN: "I think I had the most unique time making Cast Away because we went out into the middle of nowhere.
Wherein is contained, A true Relation of certain English persons, who in Queen Elizabeth's time, making a Voyage to the East Indies were cast away, and wracked near to the Coast of Terra Australis, Incognita, and all drowned, except one Man and four Women.
We should, in my view, cast away that which is not an equal leg of the movement, but rather can be seen as a crutch supporting inaction: "Everything's ok with obesity; the research is faulty.
While the rest of the bird--the liver, wings, legs and skin--make tasty yakitori, the breast, with its relative dryness, is cast away as the part that is left over.
The pair find themselves cast away on an island during a boat trip.
But after failing to pick up a gong, does haggard Hanks really live up to all the hype of the Cast Away video release?
They were cast away in quick succession, as if the continent's ice shelves suddenly decided to follow through collaboratively on a new-millennium resolution to shed a few billion tons of unsightly ice.
Evening darkness is cast away by walls of a luminous hue, and a vaulted, 45-foot-high ceiling.
Mr Mandelson is as isolated as Tom Hanks' character stranded on a desert isle in the hit movie Cast Away.
She seeks a system of corporate life that doesn't cast away women simply because they choose to be mothers.
How He Was Cast Away in the Capes of Florida; the Horrid Cruelty and Inhuman Barbarity of The Indians in Murdering the Whole Ship's Crew, and the Manner of His Being Confined Four Years and Seven Months in a Close Dungeon, and the Remarkable Manner in Which He Met with His Good Old Master in London, and Returned to New-England, a Passenger, in the Same Ship.
At Fox he has overseen campaigns for Independence Day, The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, The Day After Tomorrow, the X-Men films, Cast Away, Ice Age, Minority Report, Mr.
On that note, Machnouk highlighted his appreciation for attempts to calm the situation, "as evident by the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who confirmed that he would not cast away confidence in Cabinet.
This is the story of what happens when a set of animals and plants are cast away on an island for millions of years.
CITY of Sunderland College is encouraging Wearsiders to banish boredom this month and cast away post-holiday blues, by tackling a new hobby with one of its adult education courses.