cast around for

cast around for (someone or something)

To search for or seek something by looking randomly or in many places. (In fishing, "casting" is the act of throwing one's fishing line or net into the water.) Tell Human Resources to cast around for a new assistant for our department. Although Pam has taken classes in a variety of disciplines during her three years at college, she's still casting around for a major.
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cast around for someone or something

 and cast about for someone or something
to seek someone or something; to seek a thought or an idea. (Alludes to a type of person or thing rather than a specific one.) John is casting around for a new cook. The old one quit. Bob is casting about for a new car.
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Boasting short hair and heavy stubble, he clearly made poor Ken in the front row rather nervous as his risque dame cast around for a potential partner.
I'm delighted to get a player of his quality in, especially at this stage of the season when we had to cast around for guys out of contract."
Cast around for the person who'll inspire my kids in anything like the same way and I can't see a likely candidate.
After a relatively peaceful night in Tahrir Square following a huge "day of departure" rally yesterday that once again brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets of downtown Cairo, opponents of the regime are beginning to cast around for new tactics in their struggle to unseat a president who is proving stubbornly resistant to all attempts at toppling him.
I'd advise them to cast around for an audience too.
Political objections to Zimbabwe's tour forced their withdrawal earlier this year, prompting the England and Wales Cricket Board to cast around for replacement tourists.
George W Bush cast around for a new hate focus when the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were attacked in 2001, and found Al Qaeda.
She came top of the list when the Friends cast around for the best man - or in this case woman - for the job!
In his absence, manager Steve Bruce has cast around for a right-back option, most recently Kenny Cunningham.
New Labour's astronomers star gaze with sufficient clarity to know they have to sell this balloney as more than an empty shell to a sceptical public which above all else wants a quality service, so they cast around for what some management consultants have told them they need most, which is a unique selling point - that some, not all, of these new-fangled super hospitals will have elected members on their governing bodies.
Lewis, from Callow End in Worcestershire, has cast around for a Wembley ticket, but passed up the opportunity of taking two from a pal who supports Chelsea, and he admitted: "I'll be very content to sit with yon cat and see the game at home."
This provides the European Commission with three options: it may amend its proposal; re-submit its original proposal; or use the co-decision procedure (Council and Parliament.- As is currently the case, the Council of Ministers can amend the European Commission's proposal by unanimous agreement at any time.The German Presidency will now have to cast around for a way of resolving this conundrum by June 21 (the last session of the General Affairs Council under its Presidency), which will coincide with the last meeting of the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets before the swearing in of the new Parliament.
As soon as he gained the power to build, he cast around for a suitable architect, lighting in Munich upon the unlikely figure of Paul Troost, who was neither young nor notably successful, and who died before his first large projects for Hitler were complete.
The new year has opened to talk of yet another downturn as Britain and its major trading partners cast around for ways to drive growth in their economies while struggling still to come to terms with the financial excesses of their pasts.
But rather than admit it even to himself, he's cast around for an another reason and that's why he's blaming you.