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Cashless tolling will improve traffic flow allowing motorists to get to their destinations easier and quicker without having to stop to pay a toll.
OTI's turnkey solution offers a single point of contact for vending machine operators looking to implement cashless payment solutions.
Launched in 2003 in Hangzhou, Alipay transformed the city into a cashless city through its QR code payment technology.
Through our partnership with PayMaya, our customers will now have a cashless payment option to make ordering their favorite McDonald's meals more convenient," he said.
In the near future, the cashless system will also allow any subsequent payments for services to be taken at the service counter.
Another issue with moving to cashless donations has been the time it takes to simply transfer the money over wireless machines.
Naqvi, stated at the occasion, "We are delighted to be partnering with FonePay to help realise our goal of a Cashless LUMS".
Naturally enough, some sectors move faster than others in adopting cashless channels for payment.
Xpress Money notes the converging trends that are slowly shaping a cashless future.
This will enhance the lifestyles of customers by providing a convenient cashless, secure and agile payment method," said Al-Hashemi.
There seems to be some sort of contradiction involved in a system in which a cashless economy is being promoted by infusing even more cash into the system.
The transformation into a cashless society comes with many perks.
Cashless payments are growing worldwide due to an increased number of financial institution accounts, sustained e-commerce expansion, a migration of cash-based transactions to electronic payment tools and technological advancements, a recent study said.
Global Banking News-April 6, 2015--GT Bank head advocates cashless transactions in Africa
Zomato today announced the launch of the Cashless feature on its mobile app in an exclusive partnership with Emirates NBD, a leading bank in the region.