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At the end of the day, isn't the important metric how much cash this business has the ability to generate?
Cash connection: ``If you want to know how big Johnny Cash and all those guys were, go to Memphis.
It's a challenging climate that presents treasury managers with a host of cash management problems," he said.
Nothing impresses a lender or investor more than business owners with a thorough grasp of their company's cash flow.
As in the cash surrender value method, the difference between the carrying amount of the policy and its face amount is recognized as a gain at the death of the insured, although the amount of the gain is significantly reduced.
These changes and others that may come later in the review process will help the Federal Reserve provide cash services more effectively, both when transitioning out of our own cash processing facilities and when establishing a first-time presence in a market," Stern said.
His parents and three sons help him shovel cash under a Plexiglas partition to Check King's customers.
to find out whether consumers who receive cash benefits are able to manage those benefits without experiencing too much difficulty and what supportive services they may want or require;
However, as in Ansley-Sheppard-Burgess, the Tax Court determined that the substantial identity of results test is not an appropriate yard stick for determining whether income and expenses from services are clearly reflected under the cash method.
SUFFICIENCY RATIOS evaluate the adequacy of cash flows for meeting a company's needs.
the employee's children or a trust for the benefit of the employee's children) and the employee did not retort the value of the right to receive the policy's future excess cash surrender value as a gift for the year the split-dollar arrangement was established, the employee may have also understated his gift tax liability (or use of his unified credit) for that year.
I Estimate the monthly cash outflow from other operating costs such as wages, benefits, utilities, office expenses, loan payments, rent and advertising, as well as from any sporadic cash outflows such as insurance, income taxes, fixed asset purchases and shareholder/owner drawings.
casinopc is an exclusive product of Cash Systems that offers the full range of services for processing and completing transactions at the casino cage, all residing on one system.
Over the medium term, projected 2008 dividend cash flows to AEI are expected to cover debt service by slightly more than 4x on average.