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First, increase the amount of cash flows expected at any point in time.
Paid Phoenix his favorite career comment: ``I really loved that 'Gladiator,' '' Cash told him.
In 2004 and early 2005 the Federal Reserve discontinued cash services through Branches in Little Rock, Arkansas; Louisville, Kentucky; and Buffalo, New York, and established cash depots in those cities.
Pro forma cash flow in the form of business plans, projected rent rolls, annuities, escrowed mortgage payments, etc.
Though the cash surrender value method is easy to apply, its economic soundness is subject to criticism for two primary reasons.
A cash-flow budget provides a detailed view of the operation and an early warning system to avoid cash shortfalls.
For treasury managers, one of the keys to success is assuring adequate liquidity and immediate access to cash.
His parents and three sons help him shovel cash under a Plexiglas partition to Check King's customers.
Because the experimental intervention is a cash benefit and Medicaid law does not permit direct cash payments to clients, the state Medicaid programs participating in the Cash and Counseling Demonstration must obtain special "1115" research and demonstration waivers from the Health Care Financing Administration.
The IRS's position appears to be that the "substantial identity of results" test permits the Service to disallow the use of the cash method (even for a service provider), if the taxpayer's cash method of accounting produces taxable income that deviates too far from the amount of income that would have been reported under the accrual method of accounting preferred by the IRS.
In addition to cash, investigators also confiscated numerous handwritten documents from both the warehouse and other search locations, which they then submitted to the RRAU for analysis.
AEI is moderately leveraged with debt and cash flow levels consistent with the rating category.
This not only helps cash flow, but also can cement the transaction.
The Republican candidates include Mark MacCarley, a Glendale lawyer who didn't raise any money but lent $51,100 to his campaign and reported that amount as cash on hand.