carve (out) a niche

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carve (out) a niche

To establish a unique role (for oneself), usually by excelling in a very specific area. I was able to carve out a niche at the farmers' market by selling something no one else was—dried beans. Our graphic designer really carved out a niche for himself with that series of innovative ads.
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carve a niche


carve out a niche

COMMON If you carve a niche or carve out a niche for yourself, you create a role or opportunity for yourself, especially at work, by doing a particular thing very well. In time, he carved a niche for himself as a television commentator. Some have carved out a niche in New York City's highly competitive art market, charging as much as $40,000 for their pictures. Note: A niche is a hollow area that is made in a wall to display something such as a statue or an ornament.
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The Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, has said that Sri Lanka has carved out a niche for itself in its economic and commercial relations with India.
Speaking at the 11th Annual General meeting of the Indo-Lanka Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held at the Taj Samudra here on Friday, Sandhu said that if Sri Lankan Airlines is the largest foreign carrier to India; if the 80 % of the business of Colombo Port comes from India-related trans-shipment cargo; if Indians are the largest source market for Sri Lankan tourism, it is not just because India and Sri Lanka are neighbours; it is because Sri Lanka has carved out a niche for herself in certain sectors.
BCD has carved out a niche for itself as an outsourced real estate, design and construction alternative for developing restaurant and retail concepts.
Ward Carroll has certainly carved out a niche for himself in the highly competitive arena of fiction writers.
The maker of dimensional and dressed lumber had carved out a niche market for itself as a cut-to-order mill catering to the mining industry in northeastern Quebec in its earliest days.
Kitt would later earn the distinction of being the first author for the Arabesque line, and she has since carved out a niche writing interracial romance for Signet.
Speaking of best practices, Hackett Research, which has carved out a niche in benchmarking corporate functions, examines the subject of procurement and concludes that it's best done with an "e" in front -- i.e., electronically.
But muskrats aren't the only sizable animals that have carved out a niche in this altered, semi-natural environment.
This award recognizes businesses that are poised for future growth because they've carved out a niche for themselves and have adopted creative marketing techniques.
Phibbs: I agree that if Canadian foundries carved out a niche, there's a very positive future for foundries.
KNC has quietly carved out a niche in a market served by giants like Microsoft in the nation's schools.
As impressive as its work for tenants, Quartararo & Associates has carved out a niche as a powerful partner for institutions and owners of property that are planning major renovations or improvement programs.
The Pace Group has carved out a niche by focusing on communication skills.
Calling upon her 17 years experience of managing a temp agency and paying insurance claims, Rosalind carved out a niche for Backlog by serving the insurance industry.