carve (out) a niche

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carve (out) a niche

To establish a unique role (for oneself), usually by excelling in a very specific area. I was able to carve out a niche at the farmers' market by selling something no one else was—dried beans. Our graphic designer really carved out a niche for himself with that series of innovative ads.
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carve a niche


carve out a niche

COMMON If you carve a niche or carve out a niche for yourself, you create a role or opportunity for yourself, especially at work, by doing a particular thing very well. In time, he carved a niche for himself as a television commentator. Some have carved out a niche in New York City's highly competitive art market, charging as much as $40,000 for their pictures. Note: A niche is a hollow area that is made in a wall to display something such as a statue or an ornament.
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The 23-year-old entertainer, who picked up DJ professionally, five years ago, has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry, and is poised to expand his career in his country home, Nigeria.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI): India's first fully automatic gymnasium for health and fitness freaks Body Mechanics (BM) has carved a niche for itself in the market today.
SPORT RELIEF 2010 BBC1, 7pm It might lack the sparkle of Comic Relief and longevity of Children in Need, but there's no doubt that Sport Relief has quickly carved a niche for itself.
After working as a leasing and sales broker in Cushman & Wakefield's Parsippany office for two years, Donnelly joined the Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group in early 2004 and immediately carved a niche that has expanded the team's activity notably.
RICHARD LEE has carved a niche for himself with his 'magic potion' to cure bleeders, and he looks to have done the trick with TOON TROOPER, who finished third in the beginners' chase at Worcester yesterday.
His upper-class tones meant that he carved a niche as a character actor playing judges, aristocrats and military men.
Clearly, both writers have deftly carved a niche for themselves in writing about gay life from a male point of view.
Despite the era's limited opportunities for black artists, Atkins also carved a niche for himself in Hollywood, appearing in films and on television.
Joe Kerner has carved a niche for himself in the Navy community at Patuxent River.
Lipsett, himself, carved a niche for experimental filmmaking at the Board and beyond with his brilliant films, including the Oscar-nominated Very Nice, Very Nice.
Having thorough knowledge of all facets of the operation, Chuck carved a niche in the engineering/plant layout and maintenance of the foundry.
LDA's selection comes as no surprise as the designer, has carved a niche for her bold use of colour with an edgy twist.
I've pretty much done my own thing, and carved a niche for myself," Gulf News quoted her as saying.
Without question, author Eric Jerome Dickey has deftly carved a niche for himself in contemporary African-American fiction.
Carlton has carved a niche as one of the best equity and debt sources for complex, high-leverage deals.