carve out

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carve out

1. Literally, to remove the inner part of an object. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." The first step in this recipe is to carve out your fruit and dispose of the seeds. They made canoes by carving out big logs.
2. To establish a niche or role for oneself. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." It took a long time, and many small acting parts, before I was able to carve out a career as a character actor.
3. To take or obtain a portion of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." I decided to invest in their unique product because I could see it carving out a chunk of the tech market in the near future.
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carve something out (of something)

to remove something from the inside of something else by carving or cutting. She carved the insides out. She carved out the insides of the pumpkin.
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carve something out

to hollow something out by carving; to make something hollow by carving. Can he carve a bowl out of such soft wood? He carved out the bowl of the pipe and then began to sand it.
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BSREP II Simply Storage JV, LLC will become the new Guarantor/Indemnitor for the non-recourse carve outs and environmental indemnities, replacing Kurt O'Brien and V.P.
Transactions Platinum Equity completed in 2014 included carve outs from Volvo, Telstra and Bemis.
There is also the possibility of having carve outs for individual countries to maximize gains for India.
For example, although matters relating to shipping are excluded from the LCO, there are two shipping-related "carve outs" that are not: financial assistance for shipping services, and regulations for the purpose of protecting human or other health or the environment.
OSCPA staff continues to watch a number of provisions in the budget, including the removal of the consolidation of state boards and commissions (including the Accountancy Board of Ohio), eliminating potential carve outs from the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), and ensuring the annual CAT filing date moves from Feb.