carte blanche

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carte blanche

The freedom to do whatever one wants or deems necessary, especially with a particular task or assignment. This French phrase means "blank card" in English. I can't believe the boss gave me carte blanche to organize the conference—he's usually such a micro-manager!
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*carte blanche

Fig. freedom or permission to act as one wishes or thinks necessary. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) He's been given carte blanche with the reorganization of the workforce. The manager has been given no instructions about how to train the staff. He has carte blanche from the owner.
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ˌcarte ˈblanche (to do something)

(from French) complete freedom or authority to do anything you like: The detective was given carte blanche to read any files he liked in his search for the murderer.The French expression means ‘blank paper’ on which somebody could write their own conditions for an agreement.
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carte blanche

Complete freedom, unlimited power. The term is French for “blank paper,” used in the same sense as “blank check”—that is, anything may be filled in. In the 1600s it was used in the military for unconditional surrender. After World War I it was broadened to civilian contexts, such as “He’s the best mechanic we have; the boss gave him carte blanche to handle all the repairs.”
See also: blanche, carte
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Commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate, Carte Blanche will be published by Hodder & Stoughton a few days before Ian Fleming's birthday.
For instance, Carte Blanche has clearly brought in art that otherwise would not have appeared at GfZK, highlighting the importance of sometimes abandoning the affirmative paradigm of curating--of shifting one's criteria for art from the "good" to the "interesting.
CEO of the East London Hospital Complex (ELHC) (Frere and Cecilia Makiwane Hospitals), Mr Vuyo Mosana, told Izindaba that George Mazarakis, the executive producer of Carte Blanche, called him on 5 August.
The other three Cs that you also must keep in mind: college, control and carte blanche.
Giving body shops carte blanche to ratchet up repair costs would be disastrous for consumers and New Hampshire's stable auto insurance market.
Even if it did, the claim would not give the government carte blanche to dispense with civil liberties.
A mobile desk-seat, Easy Rider, has been designed by Danny Venlet for the Carte Blanche collection.
Congress did not give him carte blanche to wage war against any and all terrorists everywhere, or against regimes that seek chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.
Although Handling offered all filmmakers carte blanche, most must have assumed that they were being called upon to produce little cinematic bonbons.
On 23 July 1914, with a German carte blanche in hand, Austria sent a 48-hour ultimatum to Serbia designed to be unacceptable, to serve as a casus belli, and to justify a war.
But that didn't mean the artists had carte blanche.
Some people's genes appear to give them carte blanche when it comes to eating high-cholesterol foods (SN: 11/20/93, p.
This is not, in my opinion, a "good criterion" for intervention; it's carte blanche for greedy protectionists.
But ministers must take great care to get offsetting right or they risk giving developers carte blanche to concrete over ancient woodland and Sites of Special Scientific Interest.