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THE best advice for carrying off this look is to remember less is more.
3) Much of Killers of the Seas is a retelling of horror stories, from a squid carrying off a whale calf to a 12-year-old Mexican boy who was lanced in the stomach by a large ray, to a giant European catfish that ate a seven-year-old child in 1754.
Toe holds were gained, and soon the competition was carrying off customers.
There has been no "elevated opportunity for tragedy" in the more than century-long history of institutionally armed police being able to carry anywhere in the state where they work, If tragedies aren't happening a couple of hundred miles from the officer's primary jurisdiction when carrying off duty, then guess what: they won't start happening a couple of thousands of miles from there, either.
Brilliant, flamboyant and an "out" and practicing homosexual, Jeremy Wolfenden affected an almost mal-de-siecle world weariness with any endeavor he undertook, while carrying off any task with panache and ease.
The youths have also been seen carrying off their kill in sacks.