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carry (one) (somewhere)

To accompany or escort someone to a certain location or event. It's already dark out, so be a gentleman and carry that gal home.
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carry (oneself)

1. To walk or move in a certain physical manner. If you carried yourself with better posture, you might not have such back pain. Self-conscious of her height, she always carries herself erect to seem taller to others.
2. To act, behave, or conduct oneself socially or in public (i.e., as pertains to grace, etiquette, speech, grooming, body language, etc.). Always be aware of how you carry yourself when in polite company. The way he carries himself in public belies his strict upbringing.
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carry (someone) (somewhere)

To escort or accompany someone to a particular place or location. Might I carry you to the dance, Miss?
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1. in. to carry drugs on one’s person. (Drugs.) If you get busted while you’re carrying, you are in big trouble with the man.
2. n. drugs carried on the person as an emergency supply in case of arrest. (Underworld.) The cops found my carry, and I spent three days in the clink climbing the walls.
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12 stations in Alberta all carrying farm programming.
Although the inventory planner may be very efficient at considering changes in traditional carrying costs (such as warehouse space rental), changes in the company's income tax liability associted with holding inventory may escape his or her notice.
"There's nothing to fear from honest people carrying their legal weapons openly and peacefully," Glass said.
Accordingly, the level of Canadian activity required to be deemed to be carrying on business there is very low.
Despite examining 10 scenarios of inheritance, both for mitochondrial DNA and DNA from cell nuclei, the researchers were unable to explain genetically the observed female-biased pattern of sponge carrying.
Not all problems with carrying a weapon concealed can be solved by a tailor, no matter how good, but there are certain slight alterations which can make carrying a weapon more comfortable and more covert.
The Supreme Court held that an anonymous tip that a person is carrying a gun, without more information, does not justify a police officer's stop and frisk of that person.
A comparison of the number of students carrying guns in school to the number of gun crimes committed in school indicates that the vast majority of students who carry firearms do so for noncriminal purposes.
1398(j)(2)(B) expressly prohibits the debtor from carrying back the estate's or the debtor's post-commencement losses to pre-petition tax years.
KARACHI -- Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on the 13th day of its pre-Hajj operation, operated five special flights while carrying around 2,000 Hujjaj to the Holy Land.
KARACHI -- Pakistan International Airlines on the seventh day of its Hajj Operation operated six special hajj flights while carrying around 25,00 Hujjaj to the Holy Land.
The dividend tax cut makes carrying forward an NOL even less appealing.
While all the obese people carrying a mutation in the gene for MC4R reported binge eating at least twice a week over 6 months, less than 15 percent of the other obese participants--and none of the normal-weight volunteers--did, the researchers report in the March 20 New England Journal of Medicine.
First hajj flight PK2313 carrying 502 intending hajjis left Multan at 7.35 in the evening.
As such, most entrepreneurs carrying on business through regular corporations may face double taxation.