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carry (one) (somewhere)

To accompany or escort someone to a certain location or event. It's already dark out, so be a gentleman and carry that gal home.
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carry (oneself)

1. To walk or move in a certain physical manner. If you carried yourself with better posture, you might not have such back pain. Self-conscious of her height, she always carries herself erect to seem taller to others.
2. To act, behave, or conduct oneself socially or in public (i.e., as pertains to grace, etiquette, speech, grooming, body language, etc.). Always be aware of how you carry yourself when in polite company. The way he carries himself in public belies his strict upbringing.
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1. in. to carry drugs on one’s person. (Drugs.) If you get busted while you’re carrying, you are in big trouble with the man.
2. n. drugs carried on the person as an emergency supply in case of arrest. (Underworld.) The cops found my carry, and I spent three days in the clink climbing the walls.
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Developed to make carrying a kayak easier and more comfortable, the Carry Yak balances the kayak evenly on kayakers' shoulders, freeing both hands for a more enjoyable portage.
What about individuals carrying such items as purses, knapsacks, soft briefcases, gym bags, folded-over newspapers, or paper bags that appear out of place?
com Year established: 1998 Number of ag employees: 5 18 stations in KS, MO and NE all carrying farm programming.
Spongers and nonspongers live side by side, so Krutzen dismisses the possibility that ecological factors drive sponge carrying.
For assets other than goodwill or indefinite-lived intangibles, an impairment charge is recognized whenever an asset's recoverable amount (the higher of its fair value less costs to sell, and its value in use) exceeds its carrying amount.
Upper receiver: flat-top with removable carrying handle and elevation adjustment
But the police may feel you are carrying an offensive weapon and prosecute you under a different law.
The first step of the goodwill impairment test is a comparison of the fair value of a reporting unit with its carrying amount.
Focusing specifically on the rep or bdr genes, the rep designation was originally chosen to reflect a central repeat motif carrying domains in the deduced amino acid sequences.
Specifically, the tax cost of the rules creates an additional inventory carrying cost.
The financial statement carrying amount of an investment in bonds may differ from the tax basis of the investment because of amortization of discount or premium for financial reporting purposes.
To help prevent the traveling public from incurring pain and physical harm, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) urges travelers to consider their health when it comes to packing, lifting and carrying their bags.
Pakistan International Airlines on the twenty first day of its Pre-Hajj Operation, operated five Hajj flights carrying around 2,000 intending pilgrims to the Holy Land.
He pointed out that Pakistan International Airlines on the 18th day of its Pre-Hajj Operation, operated five Hajj flights carrying around 2,000 intending pilgrims to the Holy Land.
A question often asked is, "what level of Canadian business activity can a nonresident corporation engage in before being deemed to be carrying on business in Canada?