carry with one

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carry (something) with (one)

1. To keep a physical object in one's possession. When this usage is employed in informal situations, the phrase can end at "with." I always carry a pen and paper with me, in case I get an idea for a song when I'm away from home. Since you have a backpack, can you carry my book with?
2. To retain something abstract, such as an idea or feeling. I learned so much from my grandmother when she was alive, and I know that I will carry her sense of compassion with me for the rest of my life. She's been carrying her grief with her for years.
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carry something with one

 and carry something with*
to have something with one or on one's person. (The second form is informal.) Do you always carry that bag with you? I always carry a pen with.
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This was very rational; but we both found out a remedy for it, which was to carry a framed sloop on board the ship, which, being taken in pieces, might, by the help of some carpenters, whom we agreed to carry with us, be set up again in the island, and finished fit to go to sea in a few days.