carry (one) back

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carry (one) back

To cause one to think of or remember someone or something from one's past. Wow, that lullaby just carries me back to my childhood.
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carry someone back (to some time)

to return someone, mentally, to a former time; to remind someone of an earlier time. This carries me back to the times of knights and jousting. This article about the Sixties really carries me back.
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carry something back

to take something back to where it came from. Did you bring this here? If so, carry it back. Please carry back the empty box after you take out all the books.
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References in classic literature ?
When I speak of the "earliest accounts I possess of my progenitors," authentic information is meant only; for, like other races, we have certain dark legends that might possibly carry us back again to the old world in quest of our estates and privileges.
"It will carry us back to where we started from," predicted Ojo, beginning to be nervous.
Returning to the quayside after a busy day, we find Columbus's fleet of tenders ready to carry us back aboard to where cocktails, dinner and entertainment await.
When there was a lull in the fighting, Felix would go up and carry us back to the top of the bed.
Next we would roll pine logs into the river and they would swiftly carry us back to Tremorfa and to think that 70 years later I'm still visiting the same site.
It appears to have been the one universal grace memorized by most Catholics--the words so familiar they carry us back to those meals and gatherings around the table.
Yet we know it does, we know the economy goes through peaks and troughs, recessions and recoveries, and that we just have to survive the trough, emerge from it intact, so we can jump on the recovery bandwagon and allow it to carry us back upwards.
Is the country still marooned on a recessionary lee shore (to extend the nautical metaphor) or are we beginning to pick up the first gusts of some fresh trade winds that will carry us back toward growth?
Most say nothing very deep, but have power to carry us back to a fall of rain at dusk, the summer we fixed the roof, or the uncertainty of an illness now long and happily past, but marking a moment when life seemed more precious for the threat of being lost.
In these days when the festival is increasingly an excuse simply to shop, drink and eat, the words carry us back to the manger in Bethlehem and surround us with shepherds and wise men.
If the electorate perceived us as a credible alternative government the potential support for us could carry us back to government.
We now have time-budget surveys, but the best ones carry us back only to about World War II.(51) Considerable creativity will be needed to measure such leisure in earlier eras.
It would be a betrayal of our constituents if we failed to win over the voters to carry us back into government and avoid being on the fringes of politics for the next two decades.
'That's for the future and right now we are all focused on tonight's home match and mounting a run to carry us back towards the play-offs.'