carry (one) back

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carry (one) back

To cause one to think of or remember someone or something from one's past. Wow, that lullaby just carries me back to my childhood.
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carry someone back (to some time)

to return someone, mentally, to a former time; to remind someone of an earlier time. This carries me back to the times of knights and jousting. This article about the Sixties really carries me back.
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carry something back

to take something back to where it came from. Did you bring this here? If so, carry it back. Please carry back the empty box after you take out all the books.
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References in classic literature ?
Dorothy picked them up and had the Winkies carry them back to the castle, where they were stuffed with nice, clean straw; and behold!
On landing they had found Lord Tennington's party, and arrangements were being made to take them all on board the following morning, and carry them back to civilization.
Schools can also provide lockers to students where they can keep their books for the next day so that they don't have to carry them back and forth.
Enticed by a fleshy attachment on certain seeds, scavenging ants carry them back to the colony.
The two journalists are receiving medical care at the Hotel Dieu de France de Beyrouth while an aircraft, sent by the French government, is en route to Lebanon to carry them back home.
South Korea said Thursday it will delay the repatriation, scheduled for later Thursday, of 27 of 31 North Koreans who drifted into South Korean waters on a fishing boat last month, citing a malfunction in the fishing boat that was to carry them back home.
Then three days later I carry them back to my back garden because they didn't come again!
I will never own a pet in this country as an expatriate unless and until I can ensure that I can carry them back home whenever I need to travel.
And by creating incentives for the redevelopment of urban land, maintaining a high aggregate demand for employment, and renovating housing near urban centers, cities can begin to eradicate poverty, attract the middle class back from the suburbs, and spark a self-sustaining revival that could carry them back into a new era of prosperity.
Then they sprouted gills, jumped into a tar pit, and waited for their momentum to carry them back into single-cell bliss.
Thus, a taxpayer with expenses relating to these items in a loss year will want to carry them back 10 years, or, on a timely filed return, affirmatively elect not to.