carry over to

carry (someone or something) over to (some place)

To physically move someone or something to a particular place or area. You carry the baby over to the car, and I'll get her stroller and diaper bag. We need some more chairs in here—can you guys carry those ones over to the table?
See also: carry, over, to

carry over to/until (some day or time)

To postpone something until a later day or time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "over" or between "over" and "to/until." Because the meeting ran so long, we're carrying over the last issue on the agenda to Monday. The problem isn't urgent, so let's just carry it over until tomorrow.
See also: carry, over, to, until
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carry someone or something over to something

to lift and move someone or something to another place. Please carry this over to the window. Could you carry Timmy over to his bed, please? He's asleep.
See also: carry, over, to
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