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carry (one) (somewhere)

To accompany or escort someone to a certain location or event. It's already dark out, so be a gentleman and carry that gal home.
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carry (oneself)

1. To walk or move in a certain physical manner. If you carried yourself with better posture, you might not have such back pain. Self-conscious of her height, she always carries herself erect to seem taller to others.
2. To act, behave, or conduct oneself socially or in public (i.e., as pertains to grace, etiquette, speech, grooming, body language, etc.). Always be aware of how you carry yourself when in polite company. The way he carries himself in public belies his strict upbringing.
See also: carry


1. in. to carry drugs on one’s person. (Drugs.) If you get busted while you’re carrying, you are in big trouble with the man.
2. n. drugs carried on the person as an emergency supply in case of arrest. (Underworld.) The cops found my carry, and I spent three days in the clink climbing the walls.
References in classic literature ?
and carry ourselves is lightest in the hands and heaviest upon the
He can read the players well, he invests a lot of time in the group and makes it well known that it's all about the players and the way we want to carry ourselves on and off the field.
It's more to do with how we behave and carry ourselves than what we wear.
The road we walk on definitely makes us lose the power to carry ourselves with the important matters and problems.
We just carry ourselves differently, but we have all come from the same place.
We'll try and carry ourselves in a certain manner in defeat and to move forward as graciously as we can.
Often that means further than you thought possible, but having done all that in the early months we used that foundation to carry ourselves through the play-offs.
And people often approach us more in our professional capacity than in our personal capacity, so we're always aware of our surroundings and carry ourselves respectfully within our community with that in mind, because reputation is what we build our businesses upon.
These awards recognize the principles and dedication we bring to our jobs, and the dignity with which we carry ourselves.
Fashion isn't defined solely by clothing choices, but it is also conveyed through the way we carry ourselves, our personalities and our views of the world.
But hopefully we will carry ourselves forward and perform much better against such tough opponents.
For people with non-specific back ache, a lot of it is to do with how we carry ourselves and if you can use pilates to learn to stand up and walk tall, you'll be using your abdominals more and your back muscles less.
It is the need of the hour that we carry ourselves positively for this starting phase, and instead of settling personal scores, we forgive the people who strayed on to the wrong path and now repent for what they have done.
In the sense of what we wear and how we carry ourselves we are becoming copy and paste of our idols and not the scholars we should all look up to but to the celebrities we watch and talk about everyday.
Building a mutually beneficial client relationship starts with the words we use and how we carry ourselves.