carry onto

carry (something) onto (something)

To bring something (often luggage) with one onto a vehicle. Because it's only a weekend trip, I'm just carrying one bag onto the plane. I wouldn't carry that much stuff onto the bus during rush hour—you'll be lucky to find enough room just to stand!
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carry something onto something

 and carry something on
to take something onto a vehicle. Do you plan to carry this bag onto the plane? I'd like to carry on two bags. Can I carry them both on?
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I drop her at work in the morning at 6.20am then I carry onto Salford Royal from South Manchester.
You are taught to battle for everything as you grow up which you carry onto the pitch.
Accompanied by Henchman #3, I would carry onto the stage Oberon (played by a 230-pound white guy wearing a kimono and smokey-eye makeup) by his sweaty feet.
The measures concern the amount of liquids, aerosols, and gels -- otherwise known as "LAGs" --which passengers are permitted to carry onto the plane.
This gave birth to the Special Atomic Demolition Munition, a "lightweight" nuclear weapon that elite Special Forces units would literally carry onto the battlefield, by parachute, on foot, or even while skiing.
It was just perfect, showing the human values and sportsmanship values both of us carry onto the court.
The mundane is slowly burning her up while she's treating the potential fireball she's about to carry onto the plane as harmless.
I was scared I would not be able to recreate those memories and afterwards I took my time to decide whether I would carry onto London.
Jeff Wentworth managed to tack an amendment allowing campus carry onto a bill about education finance reform.
Swirled bands of white were also left undyed to produce a layered effect, which the artisan has taken the trouble to carry onto the back of the stone.
The research office wants to fund initiatives to improve the nutrition and care of the canines, develop technologies that can measure and mitigate their stress levels in combat zones, and explore sensors and systems that they could carry onto the battlefield, among others.
A lot of history for the likes of Kiwis Jimmy Gopperth and Jeremy Manning, Samoan Filipo Levi and South African Gcobani Bobo to absorb and carry onto the pitch.
"And if you are in good form for your club it will carry onto international level.