carry around

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carry around

1. To physically carry someone or something to many places; to tote someone or something around. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." After carrying a toddler around all day, my arms are pretty sore.
2. To keep something in one's possession (on one's person). A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." I always carry a pen and paper around with me, in case I get an idea for a song when I'm away from home.
3. To retain a memory or feeling of closeness with one who has died. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." Because I had such a loving relationship with my grandmother, I feel like I've been carrying her around with me ever since she died.
4. To continue to retain some feeling, idea, or emotion. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." I hadn't spoken to my father in years, and now that he's dead, I've been carrying a lot of guilt around. She's been carrying her idea for a new business around for years, but she's never taken the steps to make it a reality.
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carry someone around

 (with oneself)
1. Lit. to be the source of transport for someone, usually a child. I'm tired of carrying this baby around with me everywhere. Can't I buy a baby carriage? I always carry around my child with me.
2. Fig. to have in mind the memory or a sense of presence of another person with oneself. I have been carrying my dead grandfather around with me for years. She carries around her brother with her in her memories.
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carry something around (with one)

to have something on one's person at all times. He carries a backpack around with him. Max carries around his checkbook with him.
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you have to carry one around all the time, alongside the smartwatch.
Why stop at driving a Lamborghini when you can carry one around in your pocket?
There was a time, of course, when people could not see why they would need a computer; now most of us carry one around with us in our pockets and handbags.
The advice was also to carry one around with you from room to room if necessary and even TAKE one on holiday to caravans or even camping.
Although not tested, there is no reason why a USB drive could not be connected if the user happens to carry one around with them for gathering large amounts of data on-location.
She said: "I found that there were so many opportunities to take photos and times when I had wished I had a camera with me, that I just started to carry one around and take it on jobs."
Flashing door bells: Portable door bells that light up are available, so you can carry one around with you.
The majority of us carry one around everywhere we go and think nothing of chatting on it for hours each week.
"I have four copies of the book, and I carry one around with me," Squires said.
Britons overwhelmingly support the idea of identification cards and are content to carry one around at all times, a survey revealed yesterday.
Lately, I've also been considering the value of a compact GPS, but I will have to carry one around enough to see whether the weight addition is acceptable.
"It wasn't easy, especially during the first two months when I was taught how to use a gun and then had to carry one around with me.