carry (one) back

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carry (one) back

To cause one to think of or remember someone or something from one's past. Wow, that lullaby just carries me back to my childhood.
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carry someone back (to some time)

to return someone, mentally, to a former time; to remind someone of an earlier time. This carries me back to the times of knights and jousting. This article about the Sixties really carries me back.
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carry something back

to take something back to where it came from. Did you bring this here? If so, carry it back. Please carry back the empty box after you take out all the books.
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A brigade spokesman said: "The walker had reached the far side of the reservoir and it would have taken a lot of manpower and a lot of time to carry her back on a stretcher.
Within two hours, one of the rescuers managed to reach Cassie and carry her back up the cliff to reunite her with her owners.
Even when she managed to struggle free Kryvonok chased her into a hallway and tried to carry her back.