bear cross

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bear (one's) cross

To cope with a burden or challenging situation. I'm sure it's not easy to live with such a serious illness, but she bears her cross with such humor and grace.
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bear one's cross

 and carry one's cross
Fig. to handle or cope with one's burden; to endure one's difficulties. (This is a biblical theme. It is always used figuratively except in the biblical context.) It's a very painful disease, but I'll bear my cross. I can't help you with it. You'll just have to carry your own cross.
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Thomas International shrine, Kurisumudi, said that lakhs of people carry cross as Jesus carried to the mount and during the entire season to this hill shrine, especially on Good Friday is when the maximum climbs.
Section 106 Planning Applications as a framework are well established and carry cross party political support.
Caption: People carry crosses as they wait for Pope Francis' arrival at O'Higgins Park in Santiago, Chile, Jan.
During his trip to Tacloban City, Leyte province, in January, President Duterte warned officials of the National Housing Authority (NHA) and other government agencies involved in the relocation of families displaced by Supertyphoon 'Yolanda' four years ago that he would make them carry crosses in front of the storm victims if they failed to finish the housing project by the end of March.
The pilgrims carry crosses in imitation of the cross Jesus carried on the way to Calvary.
Pilgrims carry crosses and descend on the Cradle of Christianity from four different starting points across England and Scotland to arrive on Good Friday.
If we embrace our cross and refuse to feel sorry for ourselves, then we can be an edifying and uplifting influence to our brothers and sisters who may carry crosses heavier than our own.
SIGNS OF THE CROSS: Many adult Dinka Christians carry crosses to indicate their faith.
JONNY SKELETON: Jonny Wilkinson views the artistic impression of himself by North Tyneside art student Dave Faulkner "Metal Dave"; LET THERE BE LIGHT: Electrician David Fawcett from Bartram Walker rewiring Souter Lighthouse for the new tourist season removing the old 1,500 watt incandescent bulb; MARCH ON: Pilgrims carry crosses along St Cuthbert's Way on the final leg of their journey to Lindisfarne on Good Friday.; GATHERING: The funeral requiem mass for Bishop Kevin Dunn at St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle; ON THE BALL: The Fashion Kicks charity show with Newcastle United players and Kevin Keegan.; FUNNY MAN: Vic Reeves attends the Learning and Skills Council Apprenticeship Festival.
"However, with the exception of the slide, frame, barrel and recoil spring system, everything else is pretty much destined for the garbage can when an Ultra Carry crosses my bench," Brian reported.
Duterte directed the NHA to finish the construction of the houses by March or he would make them 'carry crosses around the city.'
Caption: East Timorese Catholic women carry crosses during a Palm Sunday procession, marking the start of the Holy Week, in Dili March 29.
The President said, seemingly in jest, that if the survivors were not in their permanent resettlement shelters by March, he would make officials in charge of Yolanda housing carry crosses.