carry around

carry around

1. To physically carry someone or something to many places; to tote someone or something around. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." After carrying a toddler around all day, my arms are pretty sore. Your purse weighs a ton because you carry around so much unnecessary junk!
2. To keep something in one's possession (on one's person). A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." I always carry a pen and paper around with me, in case I get an idea for a song when I'm away from home.
3. To retain a memory or feeling of closeness with one who has died. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "around." Because I had such a loving relationship with my grandmother, I feel like I've been carrying her around with me ever since she died.
4. To internally retain the feeling of the burden of something, often a particular emotion. I hadn't spoken to my father in years, and now that he's dead, I've been carrying around a lot of guilt.
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carry someone around

 (with oneself)
1. Lit. to be the source of transport for someone, usually a child. I'm tired of carrying this baby around with me everywhere. Can't I buy a baby carriage? I always carry around my child with me.
2. Fig. to have in mind the memory or a sense of presence of another person with oneself. I have been carrying my dead grandfather around with me for years. She carries around her brother with her in her memories.
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carry something around (with one)

to have something on one's person at all times. He carries a backpack around with him. Max carries around his checkbook with him.
See also: around, carry
References in classic literature ?
A truth pond wouldn't be a bad thing to carry around with us.
No howling chorus of mutts such as Kingman used to carry around with him, but a real singer, a soloist.
We all carry around a hero inside of ourselves everyday and it's that guy, the Batman," he said.
He said they were ready to carry around 15-20 million tons of cargoes in the first year.
Mr Bin Hindi said the company now carries around 30,000 passengers per day but plans to introduce more routes to carry around 70,000 passengers per day and gradually increase that to 100,000.
You can't carry around on your back the corpse of your father
Without doubt I'll have forgotten any amazing ideas I had by the time I get home, and it's just not the same typing notes into your mobile, so I always carry around a notebook and pen to jot things down in.
The tubs are extremely easy to carry around and you can even pick them up with one hand because of their versatility.
The government won't bring him home, but it can do the next best thing: create a life-sized cutout for his wife and kids to carry around, as part of the Maine National Guard's Flat Daddy/Flat Mommy program.
Be happy to smile and even laugh at yourself when you feel this hubbub going on inside, it is all baby-talk, cowardly and unreasonable grumbling, which we shall never cease to carry around with us.
And since it's fully ruggedized, it can be out in any weather condition, and appraisers don't need to carry around pens and paper because it's all done via a touch screen," said Marcum.
Carry around a small sketch book so that you can jot down your ideas when they occur to you.
Available in a stick package, the product is convenient to carry around and comes in two sizes: an 18-pack and 36-pack boxes, which retail for 2,625 yen ($22) and 4,620 yen ($40), respectively.
A quarter of Britons worry that they are walking targets for thieves because of the expensive gadgets they carry around with them, new research has showed.