carry (someone or something) along with (someone or something)

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carry (someone or something) along with (someone or something)

1. To intrigue or enthrall one. I know you think plays are boring, but I've heard that the lead actress in this one is fantastic and just carries the audience along with her.
2. To keep something in one's possession. I always carry a pen and paper along with me in case I get an idea for a song when I'm away from home.
3. To physically move someone or something. The lifeguard rescued Dan after he was carried along with the current.
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carry someone along (with something)

[for something] to transport someone as it moves along. The flood carried us along with the debris. The rushing water carried along everything with it.
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carry someone along

(with someone) [for someone's enthusiasm or power] to affect other people and persuade them. The excitement of the play carried the audience along with the actors. She carried along the audience with her all the way.
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carry something along (with someone)

to bring or take something with one; to have something with one and have it handy at all times. You should carry this emergency phone list along with you whenever you travel. Please carry along this package when you go.
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References in classic literature ?
All the information we got out of him we shall be able to carry along with us, I think.
"I had no choice but to carry along with me these rookies for this high profile championships, but I am happy because the experience they are getting here will go along way in helping them locally," Ochieng said.
The name Niipaitapi Askinimatstohki, meaning Lifelong Educator was bestowed upon Carry along with a traditional headdress for her leadership and accomplishments.
About the size and shape of a collapsible 10-inch umbrella, the PN 50 is easy to carry along with your laptop and other accessories.