carry (something) too far

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carry (something) too far

To do something, often some form of misbehavior, to an excessive degree. Well, your little brother is crying now because you carried your teasing too far.
See also: carry, far

carry too far

Also, carry to excess. Extend too much in a single direction, as in One can carry the concept of mercy too far; these young thugs should be punished, or Humor in a sermon can be carried to excess. [Early 1700s]
See also: carry, far

carry/take something too, etc. ˈfar

continue doing something beyond reasonable limits: Of course we should show him respect, but I think expecting us to stand up whenever he walks into the room is taking things a bit far.
See also: carry, far, something, take
References in classic literature ?
"Its habit of getting up late you'll agree That it carries too far, when I say That it frequently breakfasts at five-o'clock tea, And dines on the following day.
There's a horrible slope that catches the drive that carries too far and what's the hardest shot in golf?