carry (something) too far

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carry (something) too far

To do something, often some form of misbehavior, to an excessive degree. Well, your little brother is crying now because you carried your teasing too far.
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carry too far

Also, carry to excess. Extend too much in a single direction, as in One can carry the concept of mercy too far; these young thugs should be punished, or Humor in a sermon can be carried to excess. [Early 1700s]
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carry/take something too, etc. ˈfar

continue doing something beyond reasonable limits: Of course we should show him respect, but I think expecting us to stand up whenever he walks into the room is taking things a bit far.
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References in classic literature ?
"Breaking into the principal" was, in the minds of most thrifty New England women, a sin only second to arson, theft, or murder; and, though the rule was occasionally carried too far for common sense,--as in this case, where two elderly women of sixty might reasonably have drawn something from their little hoard in time of special need,--it doubtless wrought more of good than evil in the community.
But this untractableness may be carried too far, and may degenerate into obstinacy, perverseness, or disingenuity.
Now I like a woman to be religious, and I think your piety one of your greatest charms; but then, like all other good things, it may be carried too far. To my thinking, a woman's religion ought not to lessen her devotion to her earthly lord.
As Harris said, it breeds an unhealthy excitement when carried too far. George offered to go on and give us our revenge; but Harris and I decided not to battle any further against Fate.
While undoubtedly there is room for improvement in the way many jobs are done, 'time and motion' carried too far leads to inferior work.
When individualism is carried too far, however, the result is narcissism.
After all, just anyone cannot get up and says that such and such a match was "fixed," This business is now being carried too far.
The situation: your approach has carried too far and your ball is on the back tier of a green that slopes back to front.
This political correctness is being carried too far and, as the Government continues to allow Europe to dominate us, one feels for the thousands who gave their lives to keep this country free.
While I certainly believe in the redemptive power of Jesus' suffering, I think telling people to "offer up" their pain, uniting it with the sufferings of Jesus, can be carried too far. It may make people both masochistic and fatalistic.
Carried too far, the profit motive becomes, as you say, greed.
This is one of the strengths of the book, though occasionally the dumbing down has been carried too far in an effort to strike the right balance between technical jargon comprehensible only to the in-group experts on the one hand, and superficial journalistic description, on the other.
Perhaps it's carried too far, but that's what they feel they need.
Boss Kevin Drinkell said: "DIY can be carried too far."