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carry (one) (somewhere)

To accompany or escort someone to a certain location or event. It's already dark out, so be a gentleman and carry that gal home.
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carry (oneself)

1. To walk or move in a certain physical manner. If you carried yourself with better posture, you might not have such back pain. Self-conscious of her height, she always carries herself erect to seem taller to others.
2. To act, behave, or conduct oneself socially or in public (i.e., as pertains to grace, etiquette, speech, grooming, body language, etc.). Always be aware of how you carry yourself when in polite company. The way he carries himself in public belies his strict upbringing.
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carry (someone) (somewhere)

To escort or accompany someone to a particular place or location. Might I carry you to the dance, Miss?
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1. in. to carry drugs on one’s person. (Drugs.) If you get busted while you’re carrying, you are in big trouble with the man.
2. n. drugs carried on the person as an emergency supply in case of arrest. (Underworld.) The cops found my carry, and I spent three days in the clink climbing the walls.
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It carried over 4.5mn passengers from January 1 to June 30 on all routes, including Muscat, Sohar, Salalah and other governorates of the sultanate.
Children above six years of age or less than 18 years may carry USD 5,000 or an equivalent foreign currency at a time, while a total of USD 30,000 or an equivalent foreign currency can be carried in a year.
In the winter months, she will have carried gloves, a ballpoint pen, velvet purse and newspapers.
For illustration, in the case of the telephone industry, a number of the phone calls can be carried on a single wire.
For as long as people have carried handguns, one of the preferred methods of carry has been in the waistband, between the centerline and hip.
That's what you carried back then, unless you were naive enough to carry a semi-auto pistol which--at the time--was good enough for target and range use, but was nowhere near reliable enough for self-defense.
We carried it over our shoulder as a badge of honor.
Distribution has thus far been carried out in two phases, each by a team of 10 volunteers who have traveled to Greece.
Among the top five metro areas by population, they would be the only two where handguns could be carried openly.
Total investigations carried out in Pathology Department (Laboratory) 264293, total patients admitted in different units 77912, Total Xray carried out in Radiology Department 153832.
KARACHI -- PIA has so far operated 100 Pre- Hajj Flights and carried around 40,300 intending Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia with on time flight departures and arrivals.
In terms of the highlights, the largest number of devices carried by a respondent was 12, the smartphone was by far the most popular device carried by respondents, and Android was the most popular operating system.
Work to be carried out by Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.