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If the existing flooring is worn or needs to be replaced, installing carpeting over it is often a cost-effective option worth considering.
Olefin carpeting is often selected for high-traffic "clean" areas such as family rooms and play areas.
As the carpeting business grew, "we continued to out grow our locations," Weiss said.
"We also receive used padding from collection bins located at retail carpeting and flooring accessories stores throughout our operating regions," Trick states.
Dry steam cleaning was performed on carpeting with a Vaporjet 2400 steam cleaning machine (Advanced Vapor Technologies, Edmonds, WA) at a rate of 2.5 min/[m.sup.2] carpet according to the manufacturer's instructions for carpeting and was followed immediately with powerhead-assisted vacuuming at a rate of 30 sec/[m.sup.2] carpet.
One hypothesis held that chemicals used in making carpeting created the smell, while another suggested that microbes contaminating the carpet were the culprits.
Some manufacturers and distributors of carpeting and carpet cleaning chemicals and equipment have developed analysis systems that can determine the "life cycle" or total cost of carpet ownership based on maintenance methods.
Nearly one square yard of commercial grade carpeting can gather one pound of dirt over a one week period and up to twice as much during rainy weather.
While pulling the carpeting up with one hand, slip the tape pieces back into the prepared hole one piece at a time (Photo 4).
Experience shows that carpeting elevators goes a long way toward preventing the spread of dirt to upper floors.
SelecTech is currently testing new applications of its closed-loop process to generate carpeting and flooring products using a portion of the estimated 4.7 billion pounds of waste carpeting the country will generate in 2002.
That's one billion square yards of carpeting - an amazing quantity when you consider that just a generation ago this "wall-to-wall" American staple was a luxury.
Health problems there erupted after installation of new carpeting, but the cause was never clearly identified.
Today's carpeting products are innovative in form and function.
In one house, the European house dust mite predominated, with 7,454 per gram of dust in the couch, 2,361 per gram in the carpet under the couch, and just 232 per gram in carpeting where people often walk.