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Due to high levels of traffic in resort hotels, and consequently high concentrations of dirt and stains on carpeted areas, maintaining the surfaces require the use of the most powerful, portable, and reliable carpet steam cleaners.
While Intier's recycling line was being built, Erema processed the carpeted reclaim for Intier so that the car maker could validate the utility of the recovered blend for new parts.
Bedroom floor samples were obtained by sampling a 2-[m.sup.2] carpeted floor area that included approximately 0.25 [m.sup.2] of under-bed area for a total of 5 min.
These preliminary results suggest that housekeepers using antimite chemicals should apply them under stuffed furniture, not just in open carpeted areas.
The XTreme Power[R] XPH-9300 is excellent for cleaning large carpeted areas with ease within religious institutions.
The only areas not generally carpeted are those areas that may have excessive or frequent spills, such as kitchens, restrooms, laboratories and supply rooms.
wider than the room to be carpeted, rough-cut it to size outdoors or in a larger room before bringing it into the room.
In each of four experiments, the researchers carpeted a stainless steel reaction chamber whose ventilation system changed the air once each hour.