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carp about (someone or something)

To complain about someone or something, especially in a way that others find annoying. Oh boy, which dead president is Grandpa carping about today? If you hate your job so much, quit carping about it and look for a new one!
See also: carp

carp at (one)

To complain to one about someone or something, especially in a way that one finds annoying. If you hate your job so much, quit carping at me about it and look for a new one!
See also: carp
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carp about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. You are always carping about all your petty problems at work. Stop carping about Randy!
See also: carp

carp at someone (about someone or something)

to complain to someone about someone or something. Why are you always carping at me about your family? You are always carping at Joan about her brother.
See also: carp

carp at someone or something

to criticize someone or something. Poor Clara is carping at Bill's carelessness again. Please stop carping at me.
See also: carp
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Carp defines secrecy as the deprivation of information to someone who wants or needs it.
"That's the beauty of the bighead carp - you don't have to feed it," explains Freeman.
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