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have carnal knowledge of someone

Euph. to have had sex with someone. (Formal or jocular.) She had never before had carnal knowledge of a man.
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Therefore, although liberalism suggests that the state should be restricted and individuals should be free, the keyword -- freedom -- eventually leads to the search for the unrestricted satisfaction of carnal desires.
A philosophical text in itself that meditates on the relation between carnal desire, philosophy, and God in its own terms, this book often reads passages of Dante's works in untraditional, unexpected ways.
7) A similar argument to that made in Fox would apply for a carnal knowledge offense as the reason consent is not a defense to carnal knowledge is because the victim, due to age, is legally incapable of consenting.
Moreover, for the Shakers, who practice celibacy, dancing not only manifests joy, it is also effective in "shaking out" the evils of carnal desire or mind and helping a person live a "virgin" life, pure in heart and soul.
It is only through continual return to its institutional and carnal status as sacrament that Herbert can think the Word become flesh and the supreme gift it declares.
The man, jailed at Derry Crown Court in 2006 and who cannot be named, is serving four years for unlawful carnal knowledge.
Hostage-O and Dirty Little Religion focus on the carnal, while For My Next Trick I'll Need a Volunteer and Don't Let Us Get Sick see him wax philosophical.
In his latest novel, Walter Mosley employs naive revolutionaries led by an ersatz organizer who is a pawn of the local police, along with a cast of characters who succumb to greed and carnal impulses.
Plinker thinks that the biblical Canticles (lyric rather than apocalyptic, carnal rather than holy) secularize these pagan analogues (the second stage of this tradition).
The virginal Myrrah is destroyed when Aphrodite fills her with a carnal passion for her father.
CHRISTMAS celebrations continue tomorrow, when the New Scorpion Band bring their seasonal show, The Carnal & the Crane, to Cardiff's Norwegian Church Arts Centre.
But Bubbles is smitten, and she takes it upon herself to initiate the ripe young virgin in carnal knowledge.
Would someone please be kind enough to tell me why the hell Americans are constantly working themselves into an ethical twitching frenzy whenever it turns out one of our illustrious leaders has had carnal desires.