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have carnal knowledge of (someone)

euphemism To have had sex with someone. Can you believe that Grandma asked me if I have carnal knowledge of Ted? How embarrassing!
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have carnal knowledge of someone

Euph. to have had sex with someone. (Formal or jocular.) She had never before had carnal knowledge of a man.
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Enzo on the other hand contended that even if he promised marriage to Jessica, such promise was made nearly one year before they had the first carnal intercourse and he never reiterated said promise anymore.
27 ( ANI ): Turns out, women have found a new bizarre way for carnal pleasure.
Yet, I must note that there is a price for the postmodern definition of freedom as the unrestricted satisfaction of carnal desires.
But here the premise is an occasion for Coutinho, who studied theology at the Gregorian University in Rome, to excavate into the most privileged mysteries of the Catholic sensibility: the tension between the hunger for salvation and the curiosity over damnation, the puzzling logic of the confessional and the need for absolution, the ironic civil war between carnal anticipation and spiritual disappointment, the repellant disdain for the earthly plane that cannot stop mesmerizing the very sensibilities with which the Creator himself endowed us.
I read somewhere that Eros was the god of carnal love, whereas Anteros was the god of selfless, philanthropic love.
"Built in 1923, we always strive to keep the ambiance of the 1920s throughout the building," says Ralph Carnal, IT supervisor for the hotel.
Carnal fury and ghoulish lust inform this bloody beat'-em-up adaptation of Robert Zemeckis' filmic version of the Old English epic, but "Beowulf" the game's scattershot mechanics and stilted narrative mar an otherwise ordinary action adventure.
Macleod and the Ghanaian man in the pictures, 19-year-old Emmanuel Adda, pleaded guilty yesterday to "unnatural carnal knowledge."
Written by Terri Witek (Art and Melissa Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing, Stetson University), Carnal World is an anthology of brief, free-verse poems.
(10) Unless the government opens the door by either stating or implying the victim was somehow traumatized by the carnal knowledge, it will be difficult for the defense to carry this burden.
Six months, six days and six hours after the incident, the teens are once again brought to the scene of their carnal ramp to confront Aaron and the thing that is ripping its way through Cindy.
What a shabby trick to relate something as carnal as shopping to Jesus Christ.
Thanks to her carnal magnificence and her impulsive vehemence, her unashamed exhibition comes close to pathos."
Ross drew 251 complaints when he asked the Leader of the Opposition on his BBC1 chat show whether he "may have considered Margaret Thatcher in a carnal manner...