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(as) cold as a witch's caress

Extremely cold. Ugh, the winters here are cold as a witch's caress—that's why I'm moving to Florida. Ack, don't touch me! Your hands are as cold as a witch's caress!
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*cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

 and *cold as a welldigger's feet (in January); *cold as a witch's caress; *cold as marble; *cold as a witch's tit; *cold as a welldigger's ears (in January)
very, very cold; chilling. (Use caution with ass. *Also: as ~.) Bill: How's the weather where you are? Tom: Cold as a welldigger's ass in January. By the time I got in from the storm, I was as cold as a welldigger's feet. The car's heater broke, so it's as cold as a welldigger's ears to ride around in it. She gave me a look as cold as a witch's caress.
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Running has been a valuable tool for Mr Caress to help deal with his own issues, including a mental breakdown and self-harm.
It was one of Caress' primary reasons for wearing it during her own wedding in 1981: "My father said that he bought it with hard-earned money.
Dubai: An amusement park employee who touched his co-worker's face and caressed her upper body has been jailed for three months.
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Pacific Sports, which organizes several triathlons, half-marathons and marathons in Southern California and elsewhere around the country, has been looking for a Northwest location for a triathlon for a while, Caress said.
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no better sense than to seek my caress. They must believe in old
Gun writers often use different verbs for basic actions: "Aiming the old musket carefully, I caressed the trigger." Definitions of caress, however, usually involve "gentle touching as an expression of affection." I freely admit to liking rifles, and even being really fond of some, but generally I don't pull the trigger as an expression of affection.
WALK along a country lane On a warm and sunny day Feel the grass beneath your feet Let the breeze caress your hair Further on, just round the bend See the sheep in the fields are grazing
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I encourage as many of us as possible to do the very same thing--hold hands, kiss, caress, and flaunt!