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Do you care as much about me as you do about Yap, Maggie?
Harthouse, that you really suppose my sister Loo does care for old Bounderby.
It might perhaps be carried further than was needful, but it was an error of the right hand if it was an error, for by this she kept up the reputation, such as it was, of her business, and obtained this character, that though she did take care of the women when they were debauched, yet she was not instrumental to their being debauched at all; and yet it was a wicked trade she drove too.
Her care of me in my travail, and after in my lying in, was such, that if she had been my own mother it could not have been better.
It is manifest to all that understand anything of children, that we are born into the world helpless, and incapable either to supply our own wants or so much as make them known; and that without help we must perish; and this help requires not only an assisting hand, whether of the mother or somebody else, but there are two things necessary in that assisting hand, that is, care and skill; without both which, half the children that are born would die, nay, though they were not to be denied food; and one half more of those that remained would be cripples or fools, lose their limbs, and perhaps their sense.
Yes, I really believe Darcy DOES take care of him in those points where he most wants care.
O yes; they'll take one always, because few care to come.
I don't care a damn what you said to your aunt," he interrupted impatiently.
Adam, leaving his wife free to follow her own desires with regard to Lilla and her grandfather, busied himself with filling the well-hole with the fine sand prepared for the purpose, taking care to have lowered at stated intervals quantities of the store of dynamite, so as to be ready for the final explosion.
Keeping in shadow, Mimi followed, taking care not to come so close as to awake the other's suspicion, and watched her quarry pass along the road in the direction of Castra Regis.
Do you now see," said Care, "what happiness your Galoshes have brought to mankind?
I exhorted her to seek consolation in doing her duty to God and man, to put her trust in Heaven, and solace herself with the care and nurture of her little daughter; assuring her she would be amply rewarded by witnessing its progress in strength and wisdom, and receiving its genuine affection.
But, with care, many a delicate infant has become a strong man or woman.
Has there ever been a people who did not care to listen?
Many of these books you will not care to read for yourselves for a long time to come.