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be careful

To act cautiously. Usually issued as a warning. Be careful when you go out in the city at night. Be careful with that box—don't bang around my glassware! Be careful! Stay with the tour guide!
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be careful not to (do something)

Proceed cautiously, in an attempt to avoid potential problems or pitfalls. This phrase is often said as a warning or instruction. I was careful not to make any noise as I crept into the house after curfew. As you plan your talk, be careful not to bore the audience with scientific terms they won't understand. This plate is very hot—be careful not to burn yourself.
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you can't be too careful

One must exercise the utmost caution and prudence (in the face of a very dangerous, risky, or problematic thing or situation). I'm sure everything is in order, but I'd like to have my lawyer read over the contract one more time—you can't be too careful. I think you should wear one of those holsters that keeps your passport and some extra cash hidden under your clothes. You can't be too careful when you're traveling abroad alone, you know.
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Be careful

1. an instruction to take care in a particular situation. Bill: I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Sally: Be careful. Use lots of sunscreen! Jane: Well, we're off to the Amazon. Mary: Heavens! Be careful!
2. a way of saying good-bye while cautioning someone to take care. John: See you around, Fred. Fred: Be careful. Alice: Well, I'm off. John: Bye, Alice, be careful.
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careful not to do something

using care to avoid some difficulty or difficulties. Please be careful not to discuss politics with Mr. Brown. Please be careful not to leave the house unlocked.
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careful (with something)

treating or handling something with caution. Please be careful with the vase. It's old and valuable. That's too big a load. Be careful!

If you can't be good, be careful.

Prov. If you are going to do immoral things, make sure they are not dangerous.; If you are going to do something immoral, make sure to keep it secret. (Sometimes used as a flippant way of saying good-bye.) Be a good girl on your vacation trip. Or if you can't be good, be careful. Ernest likes to close his letters with, "If you can't be good, be careful."
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you can’t be too ˈcareful

used to warn somebody that they should be careful to avoid danger or problems: Don’t stay out in the sun for too long — you can’t be too careful.
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In a way, the welfare state resulted from a perhaps all-too-uneasy mixture of a politics of middle-of-the-road carefulness (Camus probably would have appreciated this had he not died prematurely in 1960) and visionary commitment to the production of what would prove to be a new stabilizing foundation (a supposed one, at least) of everyday and political life in most Western democracies.
Activity Representamen Action Units Rene Place, speed and distance Tries to control of the ground the speed Knees and contact Lands smoothly Laurent Target on the ground Tries to control the Other jumpers distance to target Accuracy of the contact Lands on the target with well-controlled speed Bertrand Distance of the ground Tries to control Other jumpers the speed Body sensations Lands and runs to maintain balance Eric Distance and speed of Tries to control the ground the speed Other jumpers Body control Lands with hardness Activity Interpretant Rene Attention and carefulness All is OK Laurent Attention Feels proud of the landing Bertrand Very concentrated Feels happy with the entire jump Eric Feels easiness Feels satisfied of the experience of a hard landing Table 7.
Again, carefulness is not a virtue we want Neeson or the character to cultivate.
Ferdowsi's carefulness about this matter and this language and the usage of these lexicons indicates the expression mixed with action and conscious planning of the poet that would be very enjoyable for readers in case of being careful with these terms and their different semantic reflections in each couplet.
Making choices, as a matter of fact, requires patient and carefulness, but what follows a genuinely valuable choice that has been made is encouragement and total commitment.
Pcgek's project, eclipsing other Czech complete recordings, is rounded off by Dvorik's mature symphonies, whose accounts are characterised by carefulness, a sense for detail and Suk-like colourfulness (Symphony No.
Since there are many aspects of interaction, it will be measured in chosen and appropriate units, an example could be simply by considering the interaction as the inverse of a distance, for instance the distance between school and home, however since we can address to it different meanings the units have to be congruent and carefulness has to be applied when choosing the relative dimensions.
And yet, there is a point to be made here (albeit with the carefulness of a committee of lawyers).
Our role as a government is to make sure that there is added value for the community with these organisations and that stems from our concerns or our carefulness to not dilute the resources that are out there.
For instance, the recent EU Timber Regulation against illegal logging is not about rigid criteria testing but merely about balanced carefulness and due diligence (Kistenkas 2013 a).
Hypothesis 1: There will be differences between male and female consumers regarding levels of carefulness during the consumption period of branded fashion apparel.
Similarly, all of his writings bear witness to the carefulness with which he constructed historical contextualization or linguistic connotations in order to do justice to the sentence or scene he was analyzing.
Coakley, 2004) Aggression may have an impact on sport performance outcomes (Nica, 2013 a), may help athletes in some aspects of sport performance, and may hurt performance in sports that require more carefulness and less explosive energy than basketball.
In his novels, David Lodge displays a high degree of carefulness in choosing the characters' names.