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checkered career

A history of employment characterized by many different kinds of jobs or by many alternating periods of success and failure. I had a checkered career after high school, taking any kind of work that I could find. I don't know if I would trust your finances to him, he's had a rather checkered career from what I've heard.
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zenith of (one's) career

The highest point of one's career. Now that I got a big promotion, I'm at the zenith of my career—it can't get any better than this!
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checkered career

A background that includes many changes, especially of employment. For example, Heather's had a checkered career, hopping from one city to another and one job to another . This expression, first recorded in 1881, uses checkered in the sense of "constantly alternating," much like the squares on a checkerboard.
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Allen claims that in today's career environment, age and career stage are not as tightly entwined.
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There are many other specialized and more appropriate training paths that lead to fulfilling careers.
For example, if research suggested that only certain small populations did, or aspired to, integrate their spirituality and religion with their careers, counselors could emphasize these issues with those certain populations.
ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career is envisioned as a hub for innovative practices, policy and research to increase the number of pathways to success open to students in the state and expand model programs that are effective.
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Mentoring helps Students with disabilities to shape their future goals and aspirations leading to meaningful change in academic, career and personal life.
Career guidance and interaction with professional musicians on and off campus are essential to broaden their horizons.
Although the Occupational Outlook Handbook targets junior and senior high school students, it also can assist college students and experienced workers, including those seeking to change careers or reenter the labor force.
Today's "portable" financial executive stays in the same position three to five years on average, so members need FEI for career support.
While it is important to be practical in planning careers, most people actually err on the side of being practical.
The final role of educator emphasizes the need for evaluators to educate consumers, case managers, other service providers, and society as a whole to the value of this service in helping anyone who has an interest in finding meaningful career direction and satisfying employment in a very diverse and complex society.