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I have cared for them, instructed them, watched over them, and know all their little cares and joys, for years; and how can I ever hold up my head again among them, if, for the sake of a little paltry gain, we sell such a faithful, excellent, confiding creature as poor Tom, and tear from him in a moment all we have taught him to love and value?
Thunder-showers had been tolerably frequent of late, and I was not much afraid of a failure; still, I shouldn't have cared for a delay of a day or two; I should have explained that I was busy with affairs of state yet, and the people must wait.
I turned and crept away--for I was that boy--and never even cared to discover whether I had dreamed the fire or actually seen it.
Of course there was a booming current; and of course that boat started her engines again ten seconds after she stopped them, for they never cared much for raftsmen; so now she was churning along up the river, out of sight in the thick weather, though I could hear her.
But they cared nothing for marbles, or circus, or swimming, or any- thing.
Early in the managed care movement, it became clear that there was remarkable variation in the way similar patient populations were being cared for from one state to the next, and even from one county to the next.