(would you) care to join me/us

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(would you) care to join me/us

An invitation for one to engage in a particular action or activity with someone else (or a group). I'm going out for a jog—care to join me? Would you care to join us for dinner tonight? I'm going to take a break and go get some coffee. Care to join me?
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(Would you) care to join us?

Do you want to join us? Tom and Mary saw Fred and Sally sitting at another table in the restaurant. Tom went over to them and said, "Would you care to join us?" Mary: Isn't that Bill and Sue over there? John: Yes, it is. Shall I ask them to join us? Mary: Why not? John (after reaching the other table): Hi, you guys! Care to join us? Bill: Love to, but Sue's mom is going to be along any minute. Thanks anyway.
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(Would you) care to...?

a polite phrase introducing an inquiry as to whether someone wishes to do something. John: Would you care to step out for some air? Jane: Oh, I'd love it. Sue: Care to go for a swim? Mary: Not now, thanks.
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References in classic literature ?
"I don't know whether you and Denham would care to join us."
In that prayer we can imagine, with priests who care to join us, a new way of being church, new ways to express our faith that have to do with lifting up the lowly and filling the hungry with good things.
Care to join us? Please contact us on support@opiokalos.com or call us on 00357 998 45 994.
If you would care to join us, please contact Mike Smith on 0151 474 4152 or email smiggersmith@live.co.uk If you would like to trace an old friend or relative call Donna Price on 0151 330 5086, write to Chloe Beesley, Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB, or email: donna.price@liverpoolecho.co.uk
The guy arranging the 25th tournament thought it a good idea to invite an iconic golf figure along to our four-day jaunt, so he wrote to some 50-odd pros asking if they would care to join us. Only one replied, sending his apologies in a hand-written note.
But if you'd care to join us on our next beano, possibly Leopardstown for the Irish Champion Hurdle next month, feel free to join oor wee band of bon viveurs.
We need the courts and councils, police and people who care to join us in standing up and getting justice for Britain's abused animals."
I'd like to ask them if they'd care to join us in defending our society, in reflecting the profound and fundamental good will of the people, but I think it's a forlorn hope.
We have not had much publicity and Mr Hodgson may not have heard of us - perhaps he would care to join us? Also I would like to know the date of his visit as I was in Ranny Bay on July 27 and 28 and picked 306 items, then on August 5, I picked from Lavernock Point to Ranny Bay and found fewer plastic bottles than expected, but 269 items of general litter.
It seemed a bit unusual, if not weird, so after a while I went over to where she was sitting and asked her if she would care to join us for a drink.
The reunion will last for two hours and we are asking for any additional pupils from our old school, some three years before or three years after us, if they would care to join us on this occasion.
Should there be any Welsh people out there who care to join us in "keeping the home fires burning," we would be delighted to hear from them.