(would you) care to join me/us

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(would you) care to join me/us

An invitation for one to engage in a particular action or activity with someone else (or a group). I'm going out for a jog—care to join me? Would you care to join us for dinner tonight?
See also: care, join

(Would you) care to join us?

Do you want to join us? Tom and Mary saw Fred and Sally sitting at another table in the restaurant. Tom went over to them and said, "Would you care to join us?" Mary: Isn't that Bill and Sue over there? John: Yes, it is. Shall I ask them to join us? Mary: Why not? John (after reaching the other table): Hi, you guys! Care to join us? Bill: Love to, but Sue's mom is going to be along any minute. Thanks anyway.
See also: care, join

(Would you) care to...?

a polite phrase introducing an inquiry as to whether someone wishes to do something. John: Would you care to step out for some air? Jane: Oh, I'd love it. Sue: Care to go for a swim? Mary: Not now, thanks.
See also: care
References in classic literature ?
What right had I to imagine she would care to join her life to mine?
"I don't know whether you and Denham would care to join us."
When the Judicial Review is won in June, pension campaigners might care to join Grey Swans pension activist group into the next Labour government, and so into Labour's general election manifesto.
The Bridge of Weir organisation's award-winning Care to Join Us campaign launched in August last year and was set up around Quarriers' central mission to help individuals reach their full potential.
Washington, DC, March 05, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Population Health Alliance (PHA) announces today that it is inviting high-level, individual leaders in health care to join the charge of effecting relevant advances in health care policy and delivery through innovative Population Health Management strategies and programs.
board of directors has approved an agreement for Lifetime Care to join Rochester Regional Health.
If you would care to join us, please contact Mike Smith on 0151 474 4152 or email smiggersmith@live.co.uk If you would like to trace an old friend or relative call Donna Price on 0151 330 5086, write to Chloe Beesley, Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB, or email: donna.price@liverpoolecho.co.uk
Suffolk county council children & young people~s services would like to invite service providers with experience of delivering intensive family support, social impact bond investors and intermediaries with an interest in developing and delivering a social impact bond to reduce the need for young people to enter care to join commissioners at an engagement workshop on friday 24.11.2017, 13:30 16:00 in ipswich, suffolk.
Please e-mail me at sandydaza@yahoo.ca if you care to join.
NouLAB, New Brunswick's public and social innovation lab, spearheaded by New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN) and UNB's Pond-Deshpande Centre (PDC), asked the Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care to join the multi-sector lab team in exploring the ways in which provincial stakeholders can address NB's challenges in a different way.
Maybe some of you would care to join voluntary groups to keep your streets appearance maintained?
'Care to join me, Scrapper Jones?' He turned to Dewi, held up the flyer and ripped it into shreds.
Would anyone else care to join in and blame landlords such as myself and my husband, who saved for years for our first deposit and then set up and ran a business that provides comfortable and safe housing while employing many workers and stimulating the local economy?
Would you care to join the queue for admission to a BCUHB hospital, Mr Osborne?
Would you care to join us?" To which the Scouser burped in his face and replied: "shove it up yer a*se."