care to dance?

(would you) care to dance

Would you like to dance with me? This is a beautiful song—care to dance? You look lovely tonight. Would you care to dance?
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(Would you) care to dance?

Do you want to dance with me?; Would you please dance with me? John: Would you care to dance? Mary: I don't dance, but thank you for asking. "Care to dance?" asked Bill, politely.
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References in classic literature ?
Therefore the shock she received can better be imagined than described, when he said in a perfectly tranquil tone, "Do you care to dance?"
ANYONE care to dance? If so, Gateshead Council is looking for people to take part in an interactive art project to celebrate its former Old Town Hall being transformed into a cultural hub.
At the stroke of 12, he crept over nervously and asked: "Excuse me, princess, would you care to dance?"
For the pessimistic: I don't suppose you'd care to dance? I thought as much, not a chance.
Would you care to dance? This is not a question you expect to be asked while cruising at 30,000ft - unless you`re flying with South African Airways!
The star, who shot to fame as a disco king in the 70s film Saturday Night Fever, said he was a bundle of nerves as he walked over to her and said: 'Excuse me, princess, would you care to dance?'