care of somebody

care of (someone)

To the mailing address of someone. This phrase is typically written on a package or letter in cases when the intended recipient is only at someone's address temporarily or occasionally. You can just send my Christmas card care of my aunt because I'll be staying at her place for the holidays.
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ˈcare of somebody

(American English also in ˈcare of somebody) used when writing to somebody at another person’s address: Write to me care of my sister, because I’ll be touring Africa for six months.
This expression is usually written as ‘c/o’ on envelopes.
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"He is now taking care of somebody whom he has to protect over everything.
If you take care of somebody and get better outcomes and lower costs, somebody's going to pay you for it."
This is an opportunity for this country to really not only think about the care of somebody right then and there when they're in the clinic or the hospital, but to think more broadly about their health, where they live and learn and work and play in the community, where they are part of a broader population with all those other influences.
What's nice about dining out alone is that you don't have to worry about taking care of somebody. It's as relaxed as it could get.
"We've only a few weeks left in the competition and it will be full on from here unless we need to take care of somebody who is a risk."
You know, you're having the taxpayers pay to take care of somebody. I'm an ordinary citizen.
"It's hard to take care of somebody that you love who doesn't remember who you are."
The Swedish word "ombudsman" means a representative or person whose task is to take care of somebody else's interests.
There's a difference in taking care of somebody and creating an opportunity for them to have a good life.