care nothing for

care nothing for (someone or something)

To dislike someone or something. It seems that Amy cares nothing for me ever since that fight we had. I know you care nothing for asparagus, so I made string beans instead.
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care nothing for someone or something

not to like someone or something. She cares nothing for your suggestion. Sarah cares nothing for Jeff.
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Those who vote to keep it will show they care nothing for the 660,000 households struggling to cope with this cruel burden.
They all care nothing for the population, insisting on inflation boosting council tax rises.
They care nothing for innocent people who have had their homes burnt out and some with their livelihoods destroyed.
Every day our proud and beautiful language is under attack from native speakers who care nothing for their precious cultural heritage.
Empty houses in East Ashington are being used as dumping grounds by some citizens who obviously care nothing for their environment.
He said: "The criminals involved in the transportation of smuggled fuel care nothing for the safety of other road users.
This spokesman of steel must care nothing for the mundane and everyday.
They care nothing for those they have dealings with and certainly not for the areas they seek to destroy and then leave to return to their own sumptuous homes in leafy green belt countryside.
There are those who already smoke in banned areas, who plainly care nothing for the health and welfare of their fellow human beings.
Thus has Bush promised to veto a bill that would provide some measure of national security, and a cadre of internationalists and global elites who care nothing for American sovereignty support him.
People who care nothing for free speech; the sort of person happy for our army to fight a war, but unhappy to hear it even talked about; the sort of person who cannot even handle someone saying they are talking nonsense
Do you care nothing for these things, and spurn the hopes that lie in the future for the sake of your present enjoyment.
Claiming--incorrectly--that Crandall agreed to cut back on marketing to gay men and lesbians, the letter urges United to "not attempt to appease radical activists who care nothing for United Airlines' image with the public-at-large." The conservatives met with a similar cold shoulder from United.
Ministers care nothing for the tens of thousands of young lives being pitilessly undermined.
My condolences go to the victims and families who have suffered losses as a result of those drivers who care nothing for the safety of unprotected road users.