care nothing about

care nothing about (someone or something)

To have no concern or respect for someone or something. Rachel just does whatever she wants and cares nothing about our feelings. He keeps getting parking tickets because he cares nothing about signs or restrictions posted on the street.
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care nothing about someone or something

to have no regard or respect for someone or something. You have hurt me with your insults. I care nothing about you! She cares nothing about your money!
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We had no idea there were clams there and really I will not let this country go down to war or lose a useful economic partner just over environmental concerns for a world I care nothing about," Locsin said.
With so many fantastic inhabitants on this ship, it's a safe bet that Dark Ark will appeal to fans of the supernatural and mythology -- but also to those who might care nothing about those subjects, who simply enjoy a good, tense thriller.
Major General Roseller Murillo, commander of the Joint Task Force Zampelan, blasted the rebels for 'kidnapping innocent civilians for use as human shields as (it is) a crime against the International Humanitarian Law and a desperate act of cowards who care nothing about the welfare and safety of the people.'
"I don't care nothing about Arsenal's situation, I care about Chelsea's," Conte said in his pre-match press conference.
Some inspectors obviously care nothing about the effect on elderly people, who are always upset and frightened by official communications.
SISU care nothing about Coventry City FC and want to get their hands on the ground!
"If it is implemented, the McNulty report will see even more taxpayers and passengers' cash drained from the industry by private interests that care nothing about services and everything about profits and dividends.
The drug barons, the mules and the dealers care nothing about the misery they cause.
Now they care nothing about earnings for 40 quarters into the future.
Here is the difference in relationships between physician executives and younger workers and physician executives and older workers: Younger workers care nothing about the physician executive's reputation within the organization (if they even know what it is).
They care nothing about the real feelings of the people of Northern Ireland - on either side of the religious divide.
Some inspectors care nothing about the effect on elderly people who are always upset and frightened by official communications.