care for (someone or something)

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care for (someone or something)

1. To act as a caretaker for someone or something. We need to hire a nurse to care for grandpa when he gets out of the hospital. Judging by the overgrown weeds and broken shutters, no one has been caring for this house.
2. To have a strong feeling of love or affection for someone or something; to cherish someone or something. There is nothing I care for more than my children.
3. To like someone or something. Often used in the negative to mean the opposite. I know you don't care for asparagus, so I made string beans instead.
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care for someone or something

to take care of someone or something. Will you care for my cat while I am away? I would be happy to care for your child.
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care for someone

to feel tenderly toward someone; to love someone. I care for you a great deal, Walter. I care for you too, Alice.
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care for something

to like the taste of some kind of food or drink. (Usually used with a negative.) I don't care for sweet potatoes. I don't care for sweet desserts.
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care for

1. To like or love someone or something: I care for you very deeply.
2. To provide needed assistance or supervision to someone or something: The hospital hired more nurses to care for the sick. My sister cares for my dog when I'm out of town.
3. To like or have an attachment to someone or something. Usually used in the negative: I don't really care for strawberry ice cream.
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References in classic literature ?
I do not mean that he ill-used me, but he did not care for us one bit further than to see that we had plenty to eat, and shelter in the winter.
The like of you don't know us, don't care for us, don't belong to us.
We are fortunate to have nurses and carers who will be there for us, who will love and care for us, in all our glorious humanity.
Teachers' Day celebrations are meant to convey the message that we care for the teachers, just as they care for us. On this day, school students often dress up like their teachers and teach their juniors, in the way they have seen their teachers doing.
I READ in a national newspaper a headline which read: 'Who is going to care for us after Brexit?
The prayer becomes--finally --grateful recognition of God's enduring care for us. It makes us realize that we have to hold up our end of the bargain in this forgiveness business.
We want others to be altruistic, naturally, since this promotes their care for us, or so it may appear.
In a news statement today, Iranian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Hussein Jabri said "the ruling runs counter to the principles of human rights and will not provide any care for US nationals." It is normal that the US administration should pay a fine for Iranians due to losses caused by this ruling, he noted.
Fewer politicians and better health care for us all.
Let's start caring about the very people who care for us.
My message to M Small: "Thank God we have dedicated people who care for us, young and old." I've always taken doctors' advice and I'm still here.
"We don't want our adult children having to care for us. We want them to care about us and insurance gives them the resources to hire and supervise outside professionals."
Signed by Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan, George Stack, the Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff and theVeryReverendArchimandrite Father Deiniol, of the Wales Eastern Orthodox Mission, the response states: "Pastors, theologians and Church leaders of all denominations agree that offering organs for donation is a significant act of charity, and a reflection of God's freely-given love and care for us, including the gift of life."
This can be due in no small part to have been born in the early years of the National Health Service which, thus far, has delivered on its promise to care for us from cradle to (I hope a way off!) the grave.
When my husband left, my lover promised to care for us but I found out he was seeing someone else and he'd been involved with other women.