care for (someone or something)

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care for (someone or something)

1. To act as a caretaker for someone or something. We need to hire a nurse to care for grandpa when he gets out of the hospital. Judging by the overgrown weeds and broken shutters, no one has been caring for this house.
2. To have a strong feeling of love or affection for someone or something; to cherish someone or something. There is nothing I care for more than my children.
3. To like someone or something. Often used in the negative to mean the opposite. I know you don't care for asparagus, so I made string beans instead.
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care for someone or something

to take care of someone or something. Will you care for my cat while I am away? I would be happy to care for your child.
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care for someone

to feel tenderly toward someone; to love someone. I care for you a great deal, Walter. I care for you too, Alice.
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care for something

to like the taste of some kind of food or drink. (Usually used with a negative.) I don't care for sweet potatoes. I don't care for sweet desserts.
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care for

1. To like or love someone or something: I care for you very deeply.
2. To provide needed assistance or supervision to someone or something: The hospital hired more nurses to care for the sick. My sister cares for my dog when I'm out of town.
3. To like or have an attachment to someone or something. Usually used in the negative: I don't really care for strawberry ice cream.
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References in classic literature ?
I do not mean that he ill-used me, but he did not care for us one bit further than to see that we had plenty to eat, and shelter in the winter.
It makes us sad to be with her then; she does not seem to know us or to care for us.
The like of you don't know us, don't care for us, don't belong to us.
Fewer politicians and better health care for us all.
Let's start caring about the very people who care for us.
My message to M Small: "Thank God we have dedicated people who care for us, young and old.
It will involve every resident, in one way or another, for more years than some politicians would care for us to contemplate, to get the economy back onto an even keel.
You see, if He didn't care for us, then He wouldn't care what we did with our lives.
And just as it was for Jesus, there is a time to care for others and a time to allow others to care for us.
I know that other similar partnerships can enable us to develop health and social care for us all into the future.