care for (someone or something)

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care for (someone or something)

1. To act as a caretaker for someone or something. We need to hire a nurse to care for grandpa when he gets out of the hospital. Judging by the overgrown weeds and broken shutters, no one has been caring for this house.
2. To have a strong feeling of love or affection for someone or something; to cherish someone or something. There is nothing I care for more than my children.
3. To like someone or something. Often used in the negative to mean the opposite. I know you don't care for asparagus, so I made string beans instead.
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care for someone or something

to take care of someone or something. Will you care for my cat while I am away? I would be happy to care for your child.
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care for someone

to feel tenderly toward someone; to love someone. I care for you a great deal, Walter. I care for you too, Alice.
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care for something

to like the taste of some kind of food or drink. (Usually used with a negative.) I don't care for sweet potatoes. I don't care for sweet desserts.
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care for

1. To like or love someone or something: I care for you very deeply.
2. To provide needed assistance or supervision to someone or something: The hospital hired more nurses to care for the sick. My sister cares for my dog when I'm out of town.
3. To like or have an attachment to someone or something. Usually used in the negative: I don't really care for strawberry ice cream.
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References in classic literature ?
In serving we recognize a simple, but powerful, truth: we need each other, and we must care for one another.
"Yes, they care for one another very much indeed," she said.
And if the savage men who came tonight to kill have souls, then I am glad that my soul is after my own choosing--I would not care for one like theirs."
Beebe, who loved the art of the past, was reminded of a favourite theme, the Santa Conversazione, in which people who care for one another are painted chatting together about noble things--a theme neither sensual nor sensational, and therefore ignored by the art of to-day.
It seemed plain that she would never care for one person rather than another; she was evidently quite indifferent to him; they seemed to come very near, and then they were as far apart as ever again; and her gesture as she turned away had been oddly beautiful.
According to the news release announcing the donation, OLE Health currently provides primary medical care for one in six Napa County residents and one in four local children from its nine area facilities including the Napa Valley Vintners Community Health Center in Napa.
adults who identified themselves as either currently providing unpaid care for one or more adults or having provided care for one or more adults in the past.
Sandwell director of learning Brian Aldridge said: "I was extremely impressed by how even the youngest children were able to talk with conviction and sincerity about how they should look after their friends, care for one another."
HARLEQUINS have suspended their England international scrum-half Danny Care for one game.
THE Tory "guarantee" of residential care for one pounds 8,000 payment does not make financial sense, Labour warned last night.
Chapters discuss how to care for one's cat, the basics of good feline health care, what one needs to know if considering breeding or showing one's cat, and an extensive summary of cat breeds.
In a church which allows blessings of buildings, furniture, sacred objects and even animals, all the while living in a world where the church also sanctions war and killing, how can the blessing of two committed individuals who love, respect and care for one another be evil?
For God heals us and makes us whole through our relationships with one another, as we enact our care for one another in worship and acts of compassion.
It's clear that environment, energy, and economics are inextricably entwined; you can't care for one while ignoring the others.
This research brief offers a national portrait of children who had been in foster care for one year.