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'Don't mind me,' returned James; 'but take care when his wife is by, you know.'
'Verb neuter, not to care. Indicative mood, present tense.
'Madam, I do not question you do your part honestly, but what those people do afterwards is the main question'; and she stopped my mouth again with saying that she took the utmost care about it.
It might perhaps be carried further than was needful, but it was an error of the right hand if it was an error, for by this she kept up the reputation, such as it was, of her business, and obtained this character, that though she did take care of the women when they were debauched, yet she was not instrumental to their being debauched at all; and yet it was a wicked trade she drove too.
Bingley, and takes a prodigious deal of care of him."
They do not care for our humor, surely it would be unfair to deny them their grief.
In its light our cares of the working day grow small and trivial, and bread and cheese--ay, and even kisses--do not seem the only things worth striving for.
"O yes; they'll take one always, because few care to come.
Philip did not care that if she yielded to his desires it would only be the unwilling price she paid for the gratification of her wish.
Adam, leaving his wife free to follow her own desires with regard to Lilla and her grandfather, busied himself with filling the well-hole with the fine sand prepared for the purpose, taking care to have lowered at stated intervals quantities of the store of dynamite, so as to be ready for the final explosion.
"Do you care whether my wound is troubling me or not?" he asked.
We knew them both; it was the fairy of Care, and the emissary of Fortune.
She wanted to know if Philoctetes had a sister, and why she didn't go with him on the desert island and take care of him.
And then I thought he adored me, and would let me have my own way: he did pretend to do so at first, but now he does not care a bit about me.
Has there ever been a people who did not care to listen?