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1. The device that mixes fuel and air in internal-combustion engines. The term is short for "carburetor." Ugh, my car won't start—I think I need a new carb.
2. A hole on the side of a bong or other pipe that affects airflow. One typically covers the carburetor to allow smoke to fill the chamber and then uncovers it to inhale the smoke. The term is short for "carburetor." Hold the carb and then release the smoke and inhale.


A shortening of "carbohydrates," often referring to food containing them in large quantities. "Carbos" can also be used. No bread for me, thanks—I'm not eating carbs this week. You know, these so-called protein bars are very high in carbs.
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n. carbohydrates. (Bodybuilding and dieting. Carbs is displacing carbos.) You need more protein and less carbs.
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See carbos
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The brain will continue to work even with low or completely without dietary carbs. Ketones and glucose also serve as fuels that support functions of the brain.A
Cutting fat was seen as a way to control weight, since a gram of fat has twice as many calories than the same amount of carbs or protein.
Simply, the problem is not that we consume carbs; it's that we often consume the wrong kinds of carbs and very large portions of them.
Simple carbs are found in processed foods made with refined white flour and/ or added sugar, such as cakes, cookies, candies, and soft drinks.
One diet that's trendy right now--the ketogenic, or "keto," diet--deprives your body of carbs so that it must obtain its energy from burning fat, a condition called ketosis.
"Learning to eat carbs more intelligently has helped me control my weight more easily.
When your diet is lacking in carbs, your body starts burning fat as fuel, producing ketones.
Gin has zero carbs. "Juices, sodas and other mixers are high in sugar/carbohydrates, which leads you to literally drink your calories," said Reddy.
Cutting carbs reduced glycated albumin and fructosamine--two indicators of blood sugar levels over a two-tothree-week period.
Blood glucose, according to the diet, will fall by restricting carbs. This then leads to increased production of a fat-burning enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase, and releases stored triglycerides (fats) from the fat cells.
But the truth is that carbs aren't bad, in fact, they are simply misunderstood and are actually very important for our overall health and fitness.
For example, green vegetables are a great low-fat source of carbs and fibre, which is particularly beneficial for a healthy digestive system.
But good news - some carbs should be back on the menu according to the latest report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition.
LOW carb vs low fat - one of the greatest arguments in the history of weight loss.
Yet you need carbs. They are the main source of energy that runs your body's systems and fuels every type of movement.