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panda car

A police car. Primarily heard in UK. Slow down, there's a panda car up ahead!
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live out of (one's) car

To sleep and store all or most of one's possessions in one's car, usually because one is without a proper residence. I've been living out of my car ever since I was evicted from my apartment. It is shameful that the housing crisis has forced so many families to live out of their cars.
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new car smell

The scent associated with the inside of a brand new vehicle, caused by the plastics and other materials inside it. Boy, I love that new car smell, don't you?
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puffer car

slang A car left running unattended to warm the engine and cabin on a cold day, so called for the exhaust emitting from the tailpipe. Police are warning that thefts of puffer cars has been rising as the weather continues turning colder. I always see puffer cars in people's driveways first thing in the morning during winter.
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wrap one's car around something

to drive one's car into something at fairly high speed. She wrapped her car around a light pole. If he hadn't wrapped his car around a tree, he'd be here with us tonight.
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wrap one’s car around something

tv. to drive one’s car into something at fairly high speed. She wrapped her car around a light pole.
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Mohawked kids ran among the Bel-Airs and rusted-out rat-rods while old-time aficionados cocked their heads back and offered quiet ``nice car, man'' and ``pretty sweet'' greetings to one another.
Catchpole had never come across the idea of feng shui for cars, but he believed that the environment provided by a car, similar to buildings, can directly affect a driver's inner energies and attitudes, which, in turn, can affect driver safety.
Volkswagen launched the flex car in March 2003 to initial consumer mistrust.
Compare the shape of NASCAR's stock cars to the car models used in the Indy Racing League and Formula One.
The Washingtons still owed 57,000 on it and a trade-in would have left them with $5,500 on top of the new car note.
USS is short for the techie-sounding "Used car System Solutions," but the acronym originally stood for something considerably less high falutin'.
Buhrer, who joined the Buckeye chapter hi 1987 and now publishes the Lambda Car Club International newsletter, says the group provides a forum to fuel his fondness for four-wheelers.
According to the guide, a car is in (1) excellent condition if it has no defects; (2) average condition if it has some defects, but is safe to drive; and (3) poor condition if it needs substantial mechanical or body repairs or is unsafe to drive.
Just because Uncle Sam gives you a $1,000 tax deduction for donating your car doesn't mean that Easter Seals will receive a check in the same amount.
Looking like something George Jetson would fly to his home in the Skypad Apartments, the Moller Sky Car prototype has four sizeable engine nacelles, a large rear wing, and a clear bubble-top canopy.
Only a noisy air compressor gave evidence that this car was a work in progress.
Fortunately, the couple got out alive--no thanks to the car dealer.
The second set of attitudes now constitutes the politically correct view of cars and car culture, and if the car haters have their way, it won't be long until the "car lobby" evokes the same odious connotation as the "tobacco lobby.