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capture lightning in a bottle

To achieve or succeed at doing something that is incredibly difficult, unlikely, and/or elusive. Primarily heard in US. The playwright captured lightning in a bottle with his first play, taking the world by storm and thrusting him into the spotlight of fame. This rookie team, such underdogs in this championship, are trying to capture lightning in a bottle with an upset win over the number one seed.

capture (one's) imagination

To hold one's interest or spark one's creativity. I know it sounds strange, but his talk on the importance of obtuse angles really captured my imagination. That movie captured his imagination so much that it inspired him to become a screenwriter.
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capture someone's imagination

Fig. to intrigue someone; to interest someone in a lasting way; to stimulate someone's imagination. The story of the young wizard has captured the imagination of the world's children.
See also: capture, imagination
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Based on Long Island, NY, Harvey Spencer Associates specializes in the hardware and software used for capturing images and data from business transactional forms and paper based media.
The ConvertX PX-AV100U comes bundled with InterVideo WinDVD(R) Creator(TM) 2, the industry's leading software package for capturing, editing, authoring, and sharing video.
Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, provides digital writing software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process of capturing and using data.
Mi-Co has been working with Logitech on selected customer engagements over the last year," said Barrett Joyner, Mi-Co's senior vice president of sales and marketing," and this agreement will allow us to take major steps forward in meeting the needs of our customers that want non-disruptive solutions for capturing data electronically.
When individuals use the Logitech io Digital Pen on digital paper with the Anoto pattern they are capturing the ink strokes and the coordinates of that ink.
Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, provides software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process of capturing and using data.
This market is wide open because no one has been able to solve the problem of effectively capturing this information for immediate workflow, transactions, CRM and decision-support applications," said Kofax Vice President of Marketing Anthony Macciola.
When we complete the integration of Kofax and Mohomine technologies, we will have a powerful, end-to-end solution for automatically capturing extremely large volumes of unstructured data for immediate action.
2 with new capabilities that simplify screen capturing significantly and increase productivity for business users by allowing them to embed capture capabilities into Web browsers and Windows applications.
The eCapture product is a good fit for TRIM customers who are capturing images.
Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to, uncertainties pertaining to continued market acceptance for Sonic Foundry's products, its ability to succeed in capturing significant revenues from media services and/or systems, the effect of new competitors in its market, integration of acquired business and other risk factors identified from time to time in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.