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capture (one's) imagination

To hold one's interest or spark one's creativity. I know it sounds strange, but his talk on the importance of obtuse angles really captured my imagination. That movie captured his imagination so much that it inspired him to become a screenwriter.
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capture lightning in a bottle

To achieve or succeed at doing something that is incredibly difficult, unlikely, and/or elusive. Primarily heard in US. The playwright captured lightning in a bottle with his first play, taking the world by storm and thrusting him into the spotlight of fame. This rookie team, such underdogs in this championship, are trying to capture lightning in a bottle with an upset win over the number one seed.
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capture someone's imagination

Fig. to intrigue someone; to interest someone in a lasting way; to stimulate someone's imagination. The story of the young wizard has captured the imagination of the world's children.
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According to him, data capturing agencies of government are working in silos, but 'we need to work in collaboration to build a strong team and ensure the vision of a greater Nigeria.'
facility, or as a unit capturing C[O.sub.2] from the slipstream of an
increased sensitivity of the trap increases the chances of capturing an animal, yet also increases the incidences of sprung-but-empty traps.
All individuals of Monodelphis adusta captured during our study were captured in pitfall traps, and despite Sherman traps capturing the greatest number of individuals, only two species were captured only in this type of trap (Table 1).
So not only should I&A be responsible for establishing a process for capturing, storing, and preserving the BBC's online output, but it should be considering how to make that collection accessible to the public.
Another feature appraisers will find extremely useful, and likely use daily, is capturing an image like an aerial photo and identifying the subject boundaries, highlighting the site to make it stand out, drawing an arrow to identify the site and entering text to identify the property (see Figure 4).
One of the common knowledge gaps in our community is the lack of capturing experiential learning for key business practices.
The latter option requires users to assess the relevance and importance of items and the risks of not capturing them.
Cansolv Technologies, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican), Pointe-Claire, have formed an alliance for the demonstration and commercialization of amine-based technology for capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gases.
The Germans I met in Celebici made clear that it would absolutely not be desirable, for obvious historical reasons, to have Germany in the forefront of a bloody international military incident that involves capturing someone accused of murdering large numbers of innocent people.
The commercialization of output traits may also raise new challenges pertaining to business models and corporate structures, where creating and capturing value are concerned.
With the delivery of $32,000 rolling science carts, the teachers will have the highest-tech data capturing, graphing and display tools available to high-school science students.
The main product lines of Seiko Epson--an important player in the realm of capturing and reproducing digital color images--include information-processing related equipment such as printers, scanners, multifunction devices, video projectors, and electronic devices components including, for example, semiconductors, LCDs (liquid crystal devices), and precision products, especially watches.
Applications range from capturing information from the Windows desktop to creating streaming content for Web sites or presentations.
"As MIT's intellectual heritage makes its way into electronic form, the library must take responsibility for capturing those documents that will form the foundation of tomorrow's scholarship."