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capture lightning in a bottle

To achieve or succeed at doing something that is incredibly difficult, unlikely, and/or elusive. Primarily heard in US. The playwright captured lightning in a bottle with his first play, taking the world by storm and thrusting him into the spotlight of fame. This rookie team, such underdogs in this championship, are trying to capture lightning in a bottle with an upset win over the number one seed.

capture (one's) imagination

To hold one's interest or spark one's creativity. I know it sounds strange, but his talk on the importance of obtuse angles really captured my imagination. That movie captured his imagination so much that it inspired him to become a screenwriter.
See also: capture, imagination

capture someone's imagination

Fig. to intrigue someone; to interest someone in a lasting way; to stimulate someone's imagination. The story of the young wizard has captured the imagination of the world's children.
See also: capture, imagination
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Magewell's universal Pro Capture drivers support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems while offering broad compatibility with popular encoding, streaming, live production, collaboration, web conferencing, lecture capture, medical imaging and virtual reality (VR) creation software.
Multiple 4K Pro Capture cards can be used simultaneously in the same system to further increase multi-channel capture density, while Magewell's comprehensive SDK enables third-party developers to directly leverage the full advanced feature set of the devices in custom software applications and turnkey solutions.
Zhou of Magewell added: "We are pleased to offer the same benefits in a dual-channel configuration, providing outstanding capture density for customers working with multiple 4K sources".
Smartphone users not only want to capture the beauty of scenes around their cities, but they also want to share it with their loved ones in as much realistic detail as possible.
Incorporating Samsung's best-in-class dual camera with superior low light and zooming capabilities, the Galaxy Note8 is the ultimate device for taking photos that are crisp and clear and capture all the best scenes and views around your city.
Intel has a solution - especially for cloud gaming developers to help manage quick these challenges - with an optimized Screen Capture plug-in as part of the Intel(R) Media SDK and Intel(R) Media Server Studio.
The Screen Capture procedure can use the decode plug-in and other SDK components.
Captures of mice, Peromyscus, in two sizes of Sherman live traps.
Table 1.--Results from Sherman live trap captures of Peromyscus leucopus (n = 71) based on trap treatment and gender.
Chapter 8: Cost and Deployment Outlook for Advanced Capture Systems
Case Studies of Novel Capture Technology Development
The technology that we have developed is a game changer for carbon capture. Drax Groups expertise in re-purposing existing infrastructure and C-Captures novel CCUS solution could allow the cost-effective deployment of BECCS for the first time on an industrial scale anywhere in the world.
Tax expenditures are, however, not the only route to elite capture. Public expenditure, especially on development, is as important.
Short of a revolution, how do societies deal with the elite capture? Counter-elite or capture-elite approaches are said to be too disruptive.
"ibml Capture Suite is a great choice for any organization that is looking to upgrade legacy imaging software or consolidate multiple, costly capture products into one streamlined solution," said ibml Sales Director Ashley Keil.