capture imagination

capture (one's) imagination

To hold one's interest or spark one's creativity. I know it sounds strange, but his talk on the importance of obtuse angles really captured my imagination. That movie captured his imagination so much that it inspired him to become a screenwriter.
See also: capture, imagination

capture someone's imagination

Fig. to intrigue someone; to interest someone in a lasting way; to stimulate someone's imagination. The story of the young wizard has captured the imagination of the world's children.
See also: capture, imagination
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this capture imagination LAWRIE "We don't play a lot of links golf on the Tour and from the feedback people think it's brilliant to be coming back to a links course.
Motorsport Development UK will help us to work with other regional development agencies to use the sport to help protect this sector which is under threat from emerging economies and also as a way to capture imagination and encourage more youngsters to get involved.
Chapters advise on how to let the picture capture imagination and revitalize the senses of vision, with plenty of fine art examples throughout showing just how it can work.
Whilst the idea failed to capture imagination locally, I recall that Lib Dem-run Stockport Council 'adopted' Malaysia.
The acquisition of German firm Reemtsma by Imperial Tobacco continued to capture imagination in the sector during an otherwise lacklustre session.
We try to capture imagination in every home we build and we are delighted to have been recognised for our work at Lanesborough Court.
CD-ROM Designed to Capture Imagination & Attention of Hard-to-Reach Preteen and Teen Girls
18 /PRNewswire/ -- For games to be truly engrossing and capture imagination, game companies and researchers have been looking for ways to cut the electronic umbilical cord between joysticks/keyboards and computers, audio-visual equipment, and other advanced technology systems.
We take pride in publishing exciting books that capture imaginations, and Secret Garden is a testament to that philosophy.
Led by myself and a year five pupil, the council decided they would love to educate people about fire safety through music as they believed this would capture imaginations.
Whether it's appreciating great works of fiction by existing authors, or trying to develop new authors of the future, there will be something at Teachit Primary to capture imaginations.
It was based on a French science fiction novel, La Planete des singes by Pierre Boulle, and whilst the differences between book and film are numerous, both managed to capture imaginations.
Joining residents in Bupa's care homes across the UK is a great opportunity to celebrate Storytelling Week, capture imaginations and share the joy of reading aloud for pleasure.
Had the likes of Ryan Giggs or Martin O'Neil been secured, then tongues really would have wagged from Chepstow to the Menai Bridge, their mere presence guaranteed to capture imaginations by the bucketload.
They capture imaginations, encourage youngsters to learn and help them to read, thereby opening doors that might otherwise be closed to them.