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capture lightning in a bottle

To achieve or succeed at doing something that is incredibly difficult, unlikely, and/or elusive. Primarily heard in US. The playwright captured lightning in a bottle with his first play, taking the world by storm and thrusting him into the spotlight of fame. This rookie team, such underdogs in this championship, are trying to capture lightning in a bottle with an upset win over the number one seed.

capture (one's) imagination

To hold one's interest or spark one's creativity. I know it sounds strange, but his talk on the importance of obtuse angles really captured my imagination. That movie captured his imagination so much that it inspired him to become a screenwriter.
See also: capture, imagination

capture someone's imagination

Fig. to intrigue someone; to interest someone in a lasting way; to stimulate someone's imagination. The story of the young wizard has captured the imagination of the world's children.
See also: capture, imagination
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For some contractors, marking with the 2-D matrix required by UID policy and the latest version of MIL-STD 130 may represent their first foray into high capacity automatic data capture.
vendor of management information systems to the real estate industry, has signed an agreement with software developer Samson Information Technologies, LLC to incorporate the Samson Capture advanced document imaging suite in B.
Captovation Check Capture also supports scanner models from Canon, Digital Check, and Kodak.
MadCap Software, the MadCap Software logo, MadCap Flare, MadCap Mimic, MadCap Capture, and MadCap Blaze are trademarks or registered trademarks of MadCap Software, Inc.
Since 1994, Captovation has designed and developed document capture products for electronic document management systems (EDMS).
Employees now use Fujitsu model FI-5120C and FI-5530C scanners with Web Capture to scan patient care documents.
Full Capture is a privately-held, venture-backed corporation headquartered in East Hartford, Connecticut.
DeckLink HD Studio and the entire range of DeckLink HD cards from Blackmagic Design are the only video capture cards on the market to feature true 64 bit addressing that eliminates system memory limits, so customers can install as much memory as they need.
Standard features of the product include a patent-pending three-mode feeder, MICR Plus[TM] technology, rear ink jet printer, a USB 2 interface providing plug and play capability, a 100 document feeder and the front and rear image capture of up to four images at 200 dpi.
The release of Ascent Xtrata Pro further demonstrates our commitment to bring the most effective information capture solutions to every market segment," said Rob Klatell, chief executive officer of Kofax's parent company, DICOM Group.
Unlike other continuous data capture or CDP-based solutions, InfiniVieweIUs architecture is designed to scale to meet data capture and view presentation loads independently.
Designed for use on the Canon Non-Mydriatic CR-DGi Retinal Camera, the Canon Eye Q Capture Review software is a portable retinal imaging solution that facilitates the capture of patient images, both inside a doctor's office or outside in a public screening setting.
We are pleased the Panini My Vision X is an integral element of their check capture solution.
Kofax (LSE:DCM), the world's largest information capture vendor, today announced plans to support the Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) document file format and Microsoft's Windows Imaging architecture for production scanning and capture.
With our first round of funding from Ignition Partners, we demonstrated the appeal of our 'software as a service' model to capture hidden value locked in insurance companies' data and to achieve enterprise cost reduction," said Stephen Holcomb, Full Capture Solutions President and CEO.