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Captain Obvious

A person who makes a statement or statements of such obvious meaning or implication as to be entirely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Pauline: "The President has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" A: "Your photos are out of focus because you didn't adjust the lens properly." B: "Wow, Captain Obvious strikes again!"
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captain of industry

A wealthy and powerful person in the business world. Her family will never accept an unemployed artist like me—they expect her to marry a captain of industry. Do you want to come to the gala with me and hob-nob with some captains of industry?
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captain of industry

Fig. a high-ranking corporation officer; a wealthy and successful capitalist. The captains of industry manage to hang on to their money no matter what. It's fun to see those captains of industry drive up in their limousines.
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a captain of ˈindustry

a person who manages a large industrial company: He later moved to Seattle, where he became a well-known figure and captain of industry.
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We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon together but the subject of captaincy was never raised," the former Australia captain claimed.
He did not play in the last one-dayer due to poor batting form and it will be his decision to lead or leave the captaincy.
Warne added that Cook can either step down from the captaincy to concentrate on his batting or the most radically, he takes a complete break away from the game.
It was therefore a little unwise of Captain Cook to respond by admitting that Warne has got under his skin and that he might respond by adopting a more attacking form of captaincy in the Test matches.
This year we have decided to split the one-day and four-day captaincy.
White said Taylor had "declined the opportunity" to continue as Test captain and hand over the ODI and Twenty20 reins to McCullum in a split captaincy model devised by coach Mike Hesson.
That seniority earned the 31-yearold a crack at the Twenty20 captaincy last season when Westwood dropped himself from the Bears team in that format - and he did well in the role.
Even Michael Vaughan came from nowhere a little bit as captain and Nasser Hussain was always looked upon as of one of the brat-pack when he was playing and maybe not captaincy material.
Nobody should underestimate howmuchwork goes into the role of captaincy, not only on the pitch but more so off it.
Chief selector Mohsin Khan also made it clear that nothing has been decided as yet on the captaincy or selection of players.
It is being talked about that it was Mahendra Singh Dhoni's return to captaincy that helped Chennai Super Kings beat Royal Challengers Bangalore on Tuesday but if that argument is true then why did Chennai lose their early matches under Dhoni's captaincy?
GRAHAM GOOCH believes Kevin Pietersen can become an improved player after being handed the England captaincy.
MIDDLESBROUGH goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer has hit out at claims Newcastle new boy Mark Viduka was lured back into international football with the offer of the Australian captaincy.
ANDY Robinson has vowed to stay loyal to crocked star Jonny Wilkinson over the captaincy.