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Captain Obvious

A person who makes a statement or statements of such obvious meaning or implication as to be entirely redundant, superfluous, or unnecessary. Pauline: "The President has said that lower-class families are bearing the brunt of the recession worse than anyone else." Johnny: "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" A: "Your photos are out of focus because you didn't adjust the lens properly." B: "Wow, Captain Obvious strikes again!"
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captain of industry

A wealthy and powerful person in the business world. Her family will never accept an unemployed artist like me—they expect her to marry a captain of industry. Do you want to come to the gala with me and hob-nob with some captains of industry?
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captain of industry

Fig. a high-ranking corporation officer; a wealthy and successful capitalist. The captains of industry manage to hang on to their money no matter what. It's fun to see those captains of industry drive up in their limousines.
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a captain of ˈindustry

a person who manages a large industrial company: He later moved to Seattle, where he became a well-known figure and captain of industry.
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He's taken up the captaincy of Ulster again, which I found interesting to see where that leads to.
At a reception held at the Prime Minister's residence in honour of Pakistan's Champions Trophy victory, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan announced that he had offered the role of Test captaincy to Sarfraz, who had accepted it.
Andrew Flintoff's Test captaincy would act as a cautionary tale against the move.
He said vice captain and wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed is the most likely and suitable option for the ODI captaincy.
But with India in need to rebuild a team for the future, he believes Virat needs to take over the captaincy in ODIs and T20Is.
Former captain Rameez Raja said Sarfraz's captaincy should also be
I am so much more comfortable with the captaincy now," Warburton wrote in his Sunday Telegraph column.
The contract for the management of the captaincy of the river stop Confluence,This mission involves - Reception, docking assistance and information for boaters from May 1 to September 30 in the captaincy,- Management of the regulated revenue for cashing place and rights of access to services and the halt of the captaincy,- Management of the cleanliness of the captaincy and related sanitation,- Manipulation of the mobile gateway (if any),- Hosting service providers or organizers of events on the dock,- The burden of compliance with the halt of settlement and the dock,- Cleaning the surface of water and floating pontoons and the boom and mobile gateway except the floor,- Managing the pump black water,- Management of the stem and hoist,- The orientation of onlookers, tourists.
For some uncertain reason bowlers have not been given the captaincy as often as batsmen even though they fulfil all the essentials.
Misbah surprisingly stood aside in Abu Dhabi due to his lack of form and the team's back-to-back defeats, and Afridi used the opportunity to project his style of captaincy.
Now the renowned Australian beauty Shane Warne is offering his usual barbs of wisdom to the England cricket team and has described Alastair Cook's captaincy as "boring" and "negative".
I thought my captaincy days were over and I never thought for a moment my next captaincy would be against the Europeans.
Marcus North has been appointed for all one-day competitions this summer with Mark Wallace continuing with the county champi-onship captaincy.
ROSS TAYLOR is to sit out New Zealand's tour of South Africa, with Brendon McCullum assuming the captaincy in all three forms of the game.
Ferdinand did take over when Terry lost the captaincy two years ago but the Manchester United defender does not want the armband again.