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capitulate to (someone or something)

To yield or submit to someone or something. Sometimes, you just need to capitulate to your family, in order to keep the peace. I will never capitulate to your outrageous demands!
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capitulate to someone or something

to surrender or submit to someone or something. The general finally capitulated to the enemy. I won't capitulate in this argument.
See also: capitulate
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In the 1920s, the position of the State Department as put forth by Allen Dulles, the head of the Near Eastern Division, was that the United States had only a few specific interests in Palestine among which were "philanthropic and commercial interests as well as capitulatory and other rights.
in achieving this, it completes and thus justifies the poet's imperialistic - or capitulatory - move toward the "nonpoetic.
As has often been noted, the conclusion of the Turkamanchay treaty in 1828 also entailed serious international consequences for Iran since it served as the basis for unequal diplomatic and commercial relations best symbolized by the capitulatory rights secured by the European powers.